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Receive my Fico Score for free

Isaac Fair provides free Fico results for PSECU on-line users. Fico Score Engineer Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leader in the Fico score used by most creditors to assess consumers' exposure to financial risks, today announces an arrangement with the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union scholarship organization (PSECU) to make free FICO scores available to its clients who review FICO scores on-line. FICO's score is used to make millions of lending choices each year, more than 75 per cent of which are US mortgages.

The Fair Isaac deal with PSECU represents the extension of the FICO Scores On Statement programme, which has been a winning retention campaign with one of the nation's top retail financial institutions for six years. Members of the PSECU are entitled to take part in the FICO Score Service of the PSECU and get their free FICO Score every months if they do on-line business via internet via internet via internet via psecu@home, via the on-line bank accounts programme of the cooperative and via a cheque or loan products of the PSECU. 2.

"Not only does the Fair Isaac Scores on Statement programme benefit our members by giving them a clear perspective on their own finances, but it also assists the PSECU by informing our members of the beneficial effects of good lending practices," said Gregory Smith, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania State Employees' Pension Fund Union.

"Eventually, this leads to a more valuable member basis that is fully connected to us on-line. "Creditors are authorized by Scoores On statements to provide their clients with free FICO score through on-line customer account and education information to help them better administer their creditworthiness. also gives clients at the opportunity to purchase paid on-line score checking services and related services.

Scores On Statement provides creditors with the ability to enhance their customers' bank accounts and website experience, enhance retention and generate extra revenues. All costs for creditors can be minimised by license the same FICO scores that the creditor already orders and uses each and every months in his accounts.

Packages are also available for creditors who want to pass the notes on to their clients who have a point-of-sale portfolio. "We are excited about delivering such good value to our banking clients that we want to expand the ability to more lenders," said Shon Dellinger, myFICO VP for Fair Isaac. "It is a great win-win chance for the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union and its members, especially given the present business environment.

PSCECU members sense respect and esteem from their lenders and have free on-line acces to the same FICO scores that the FICO uses. Recognising and interpreting their FICO scores enables customers to acquire important knowledge for the management of their loans, becoming better borrower and smarter borrower.

" Fair Isaac and PSECU have agreed that an approximate 200,000 members will be entitled to free FICO results. Currently, 1.5 million users throughout Germany have the opportunity to download score on statement. "There is a strong need for financial services providers to address consumer demand for high-quality financial products online," said Bobbie Britting, Research Director at TowerGroup's Consumer Lending Practices.

"Faced with the increased interest of consumer to know and better grasp their creditworthiness and status, the Fair Isaac Scores on Statement programme provides clear advantages by building consumer engagement with on-line financial institutions, promoting good lending practices and offering a forum to foster other automatic financial institution activities. As a result, the bank will have a more lucrative client basis by taking advantage of lower supportive cost and more cross-selling of goods and solutions with broader acceptance of its on-line offerings.

" The FICO-Score can be viewed by FICO bank customers via their password-protected on-line invoice. FICO score of the accountholder, followed by the major loan determinants that contribute to this assessment; score track for up to twelve month to help the accountholder track changes; education information that helps accountholders better track and administer their FICO scores over the course of period; links to myFICO for the study of FICO score driven loan manager related product and service research.

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