Getting a Mortgage for a Vacation home

Obtaining a mortgage for a vacation home

Gain insight into what you can do to sell your property faster. Apply for a mortgage as a non-EU citizen. Do you need to use a Spanish mortgage or a mortgage on your home property?


There is no legislation that says that when you buy a foreign home, it must be in Provence or Tuscany. However, whether you're in Bordeaux or on the Bosporus, it's important to make every real estate deal with your legs up. You can also buy a simple apartment by the sea for the cost of a familiar trip (well, an inexpensive one).

There is one for just under 80,000 pounds in Ceglie Messapica, 25 nautical miles to the north-west of Brindisi, on the south coast of Italy. However, when you buy a new house, you must find out whether the purchase is for a "black version" or a "white version" (i.e. with full bath and kitchen).

"Schwarzes Finish" (Black Finish) is worth £15,000. Alright, it's not quite the same as having a mansion in southern France, but a number of UK purchasers have been attracted by the concept of buying-to-let homes here. The city of Leipzig is the hometown of Richard Wagner and was home to JS Bach for the last 27 years of his existence.

Up to 15 percent of the total cost can be charged. "You can buy a 10 hectare piece of real estate for 400,000 Canada dollars[£260,000]; you can buy a three-bedroom five hectare cottage for 150,000 Canada dollars[£97,000]. Just two walking minuts from the old Raekoja central plaza, you can buy a one-bedroom flat for around £140,000 and a two-room flat for £290,000.

Pricing starts at around 90,000 and the product is being promoted by Properties Secrets, 0115 985 3963, An ingenious new concept gives you the opportunity to buy not only a piece of real estate, but also part of a vine. It is not a technical offshore destination, but about as far away as can be reached from metropolitan Great Britain.

Peak island prices are around 350,000 for a three- to four-bedroom Lerwick Island chalet; less premium products would be 180,000. Luckily, you may find a renovated old farmhouse for £80,000-£150,000, although many are reserved for, well, farmers. The majority of Brits who come to Kenya eventually find themselves on beautiful Lamu Island, but not many own a beach cottage there.

Around a million lbs will buy you a nice home on the Indian Ocean's shores from where you can watch the Arabian sail shows during the morning and inhale the scented scent of wild flowers of yasmine in the evenings while sipping sundowner in your tropic orchard.

Talking of which, you can buy a two-bedroom flat on the riverfront with views of the city's centrally located (but tiny) Preseren Square for 1.48 million pounds. At £1.1 million you can buy a small but luxury seaside mansion in Nam Hai, an upscale seaside resorts with views of the South China Sea near the harbour of Hoi An.

I hope he did not claim this House at Parliament's expense. Dominated by a rocky outcrop atop the southwest of the Isle, in an area known as the Bukit, is the magnificent Istana, a 4. 6m, five-bedroom mansion with two infinity Pools and a 5,200 square metre property. You can find a full copy of the How To Buy Overseas Property Safely guidebook published by the Association of International Property Professionals at 020 3207 9095 or at

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