Getting a second Mortgage

Get a Second Mortgage

The second mortgage is a loan secured against your home. There may be easier and cheaper to get a second mortgage than it is to get a mortgage to remortgage or unsecured credit. You can also borrow more depending on your financial situation. The other side is the danger of losing your home. - You are not receiving a second mortgage: If you have just managed to repay your mortgage.

Take all the right moves to get your mortgage authorized and then wait timidly to get those keys to your first home?

Take all the right moves to get your mortgage authorized and then wait timidly to get those keys to your first home? It can help to act as a cushion when there are periods when your real estate is not let. When you want to make an investment in leased properties, make sure you make an application to buy a mortgage, not a mortgage.

Conversely, if you are planning to reside in the home, then make sure that you make a home mortgage and not a purchase to conclude a mortgage. It' s well known that individuals get a home on a mortgage that they want to rent out - it is much simpler to get a home mortgage with a smaller investment (5-10%), while Buy to lets often requires a minimum investment of 25%.

Taking more than one mortgage is a risky proposition for both you and the borrower, so minimizing them as much as possible in the early phase will help prevent trouble in the long run.

May I have 2 mortgage? Are you getting a second mortgage?

Below are some of the grounds for the need for 2 mortgages: Would you like a second mortgage to collect cash for your current home? Would you like to let your current house and buy a new one? Would you like to help your kids with a second mortgage? Need a second mortgage to make a rental sale?

Your name is on an already established mortgage and you want to buy a new one? When you have capital in your home and are looking for a second mortgage to free up some of it to finance a sale or something else, we can help. We can help you if you want to move but want to keep an eye on your current land with a rental perspective.

Her second mortgage will be a new home. When you explore the possibilities of assisting your kids or grandkids to climb the land ladder, there are now many things we can go through to do this. We can help you if you want to buy a Buy to Let.

You are currently on another mortgage designated and want to buy a new home to life? No matter what your position is to obtain a second mortgage, as we are an experienced mortgage broker, we are able to find 1000 mortgage transactions on your name, and suggest the most appropriate mortgage products depending on your particular circumstances.

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