Getting a second Mortgage for a second home

Get a second mortgage for a second home

Agentur at, and get two or three home insurance deals. Guide for holiday homes When you dream of purchasing your own cottage, please join our knowledgeable guides who will help you determine what to buy where and how to fund it. Choosing your vacation home and the way you fund it depends on whether you want to keep it for your own use or earn an income. However, you can also choose to keep it for yourself.

An additional stamp duty of three percent, in addition to the standard staggered stamp duty, is now due on the purchase of second homes in the UK and abroad. Boom in real estate sale for vacation rentals with growing federal limitations on majorstream buy-to-let. HMRC regards them as trading rather than investing, so that mortgage interest is tax-deductible from rent revenues and lump-sum grants are available to counter it.

However, there are stringent regulations for what is considered a vacation rental. At least 210 calendar holidays per year must be available and this year the apartment must be rented to the general public for at least 105 calendar holidays as a fully equipped business apartment. It is not possible to zero the number of nights you rent to your relatives and acquaintances, or to offer discounts, as this is not a business rental.

If you do not intend to rent out your vacation home immediately, it makes good business to make your selection future-proof. Most of the vacation homes are small and compete on the rent market," says Andrew Soye, manager of Character Cottages. Unless it really sets itself apart from the masses, it would be better if you were to rent a bigger piece of real estate, as it has relatively higher rents and good results when letting throughout the year.

St. Ives in Cornwall has a banning on second home ownership and similar policies could be taken in other popular tourist areas where accommodation has become prohibitive for the population. There is no "absolute ban" on the selling of second home property in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England, national parks or declared rural areas in Wales (there are special agreements for Scotland), according to a land registry spokesperson.

When you need a mortgage, you need a down payment of about 25 percent. There are fewer mortgage providers who offer vacation rentals than buy-to-lease financing," says Walter Avrili of John Charcol mortgage brokerage. Others, such as rent forecasts, may be more stringent. Funding your main house to increase the sales prices could make more money to you.

Prior to agreeing a rate, please contact the Environmental Protection Agency in gov. uk to verify whether there is a danger of flooding or an error on your property and receive two or three home insurances.

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