Getting Approved for a second home Loan

Obtaining approval for a second home loan

This means that the bank or building society always gets its money back. If I buy somewhere and it's a lemon, what happens and it starts to fall apart as soon as I put the key in the door? Second problem is the application form itself.

Important milestones in obtaining a francophone mortgages for the purchase of real estate in France

Important step to obtain a francophone mortgages for the purchase of real estate in France: Everything you need to know when you buy a home in France for a home loan. In theory, there are two origins of a mortgages for France, a financial institution in France or a guarantor in another state. Although each and every borrower, every borrower and every borrower will have its own particular circumstances, there are two main reasons why a borrower's loan is the best in France.

When you take out a loan in France with a financial institution in France, the loan can be guaranteed on the land you buy in France. Foreign lenders cannot provide a collateral for mortgages on real estate in France, so you must provide other equivalent collateral, such as your principal house if it is mortgage-free.

Secondly, there is the debt capital exposure. When you have the real estate and the finance in the same land and the same currencies as the assets (the real estate in France) and the liabilities (the loan), both move together and do not represent a monetary venture. As an alternative, if you buy a home in France with a home loan and your loan comes from outside France, you have a very high implied exposure.

Although customary in Italy, it is relatively uncommon in France and is not so clearly recognized by France's legislation, which uses an elongation of the Viager to reach the same goals. So if you choose that a mortgages in France is the right choice, you have to think about where to go to get a mortgages in France.

Only three major francophone financial institutions are willing to grant a mortgages in France to international or foreign customers. They each have their own call center which will give you fundamental guidance on its range of services and encourage you to have a "basic approval" for your mortgages in France.

Firstly, there is the issue of the proposal for a "principal authorisation". Think that this means that yourrench mortgage has been approved in principal and that all you have to do is file a file of documentation and your hypothec will be there. It is the Bank's obligation to provide you only with the documentation of the applications which it will examine after completion and returning.

There' s no assurance that the bank' s asset managers will authorise your mortgages in France, but it is a great distribution chain. Secondly, there is the issue of the claim itself. Typically a hypothecary in France will take about 14 shortweek to complete and complicated mortgages can take much longer. We had the most serious case for 19 month, from the filled out request to the fundraising.

At all times, the EIB will require you to fill in the correct part of the online order forms and return all necessary documentation. When the thought of managing a complex banking call center implementation yourself under overseas rules is more than your mind can handle, you are not alone.

Fortunately, there's a better way to use a franc realtor. Unfortunately, the last issue that occurs all too often is that it is much simpler to commit to an irrecoverable sale of real estate in France than to a loan in France. What can occur is usually something different: a. The purchaser finds a real estate that he likes. b. The seller convinces him to enter into a sales agreement (Compromis De Vente), which becomes valid after 10 working days.

There may be a provision in the agreement that postpones the non-payment of a loan, but this can often be much more complicated than it seems. c. The request works its way forward in the bank's system and you find the "basic approval" from the seller (who has achieved his sale goal with your help!).

d. You ask the house for a statement and get something like "you don't match our credit criteria". e. You tell the seller without a mortage that you have to rescind the sale.

They must, however, submit a letter of rejection from the institution which corresponds exactly to the condition precedent. f. Return to the institution to request a procedural rejection. Well, the bench will do one of three things: The compromise, for example, says "a ?100.00 mortgage", but because you wanted to create a swimmingpool you had a 105,000 euro claim - and the broker will decline to take it as a rejection, so you loose your caution.

The three may refusing to give you a rejection because the three never had a full request for evaluation - for example, you gave a missing piece of paper from the package you sent them - so without a rejection, yes, you guess you lost your down payment.

There are two kinds of letting agents in France: those who charged you a commission and those who didn't - to better explain, see our page on choosing a letting agent in France. First, a few backgrounds. a. Finnish financial brokerage outside France is nonregulated. However, they are and cannot be regulate for promissory notes, even if they are regulate for their home brokerage activity. b. All major financial institutions in France offer their promissory notes to their promissory notes dealers an introductory commission in the range of 1% to 1.5% of the value of the promissory note, although this is normally limited.

c. The bank's introduction charges differ, as do the upper limits, so you need to verify whether the products on offer are the most suitable for you or whether it is the one that will generate the most commission for the brokers.

For example, the same 800,000 euro mortgages can make a real builder between 8,000 and 12,000 euro brokerage provision, which depends on which banks provide the introduction charge. d. Using an agency, such as your real property realtor, to present you to an agency can be more costly and yet more costly, as he often expects to get a significant portion of the agent's revenue and guesses who eventually is paying - you.

Second, to get sound and long-term assistance throughout the entire proposal lifecycle and to specifically put an experienced professional between you and the underwriters of the banks - a good underwriting agent will have a devoted endorser at every one. Third, to have the opportunity to get a rejection turned into a mortgages license, due to the long lasting cooperation of the realtor with the realtor.

There is no way a borrower can grant a loan, but a good borrower can often get over border problems and find out when a banking partner has made a slip-up. Right, you have chosen to get a franc mortgages and you have chosen whether you want to go to a banking establishment or use a brokers, so we come to work.

In France, a mortgag is awarded only after the claimant has been financially audited, since normally there is no loan score used by commercial banking in France. First of all, you have to fill in the bank's request forms, which can contain 12 pages or more. Although the information a particular institution needs is fairly similar between institutions, the information formats can differ greatly, as can the degree of detail the institution needs for each response.

Secondly, you must provide the creditor with documented evidence of your pecuniary situation. Normally, a normal banking institution requires at least the last three month's banking and credential statement for each you have. Although this may sound easy, in our wisdom it can take several business cycle until the bench is fully satisfied.

When you have an earned salary, you are usually required to submit wage slip (or similar documents) and your job agreement. When your earnings include provision and / or bonuses, the merchant will usually ask the merchant for evidence of payment over the last three years and a note from your employers stating that payment will be continued in the near term.

For other types of earnings, such as fixed assets, fiduciary or estate incomes, you must make full disclosures together with the preparation of an accounting document certifying the same. However, in all cases, especially if you have a self-employed source of revenue, the banks will rely on your statutory VAT declaration, the basic rule being that the only actual source of revenue is taxable revenue.

In general, all forms can be sent by electronic means as scan image, but certain banks may require some special types of original signatures. An experienced franc based real estate agent will organize the whole procedure so that you only have to find and submit your scan able papers.

In the next step, after all the documentation has been filed, the institution must carry out a thorough review of the documentation you have filed. It is carried out by a finance consultant whose task is to draw up the proposal for the supervisor. Currently, the banks are not trying to assess your request, but only to make sure they have all the information they need for the assessment.

This is a straightforward management procedure in France, just like the A38 approval in the Asterix above film. The way the researcher works depends very much on whether you have directly requested your loan or whether you are using a Spanish real estate agent, but in both cases the tests are exactly the same.

B. Evidence of earnings. When you are self-employed, you must provide evidence of your earnings in the form of an auditor's report plus evidence of taxes already received. N.B. to a franc banking institution, if the earnings were not subject to taxation, then it is NO earnings. Note: You cannot charge a cost and specify a net incomes number.

Even a financial institution in France will grant a rebate on your earnings. When you have escrow companies or similar sources of revenue, you must present evidence of eligibility, the trustee deeds. Fiduciary receipts are usually strongly discounted, given that fiduciary funds are generally subject to discretion for fiscal purposes, so that earnings cannot be ensured in the foreseeable future. fiduciary funds are usually not subject to any guarantee.

Analysts will verify that claimants have submitted at least three monthly accounts for each individual banking ledger and each individual major financial institution. You will review all periodic payment to determine whether you are serving other debt or earning revenue not listed above. When the interest rate is within the large familiy, the counterparty's current balance sheet is usually requested.

Although the actual analytics are performed by the underwriters, some of the testing is simple and the analysts test it. First, they will ask an appraiser to value the building for mortgages. A few brokers do this themselves, while others pass it on to a regional realtor.

Many times the real estate is inspected, but in areas with high levels of cash, the appraiser is likely to depend on comparative prices. Second, the analyzer will review with the regulatory affairs division whether there are any reasons for rejecting a mortgages registered in one of the internationally classified data bases. On the assumption that the last two tests have been successfully completed, the file is forwarded to the mortgages insurers.

Given that bankers view analysts' work as complying (business costs) rather than trade or sales (revenues), they keep it to a minimum. When the request has been filed by a person and the analyzer believes that some documentation is lacking, the analyzer will send an e-mail to the customer informing them of this.

Sometimes it can be a shortlist of absent documentation, while in other cases it can only be a refusal of the request. This may lead the single claimant to wonder what to do next, especially if the lacking documentation must have its origin in France. Conversely, a good brokers has a sound long-term relationship with the Analyst.

Usually, the analyst calls the realtor, lists what is wrong, and leaves it to the realtor to gather and file the wrong notifications. Obviously the realtor may need to return to the customer, but in some cases the realtor may be able to obtain a missed piece of documentation directly, e.g. from a real property salesperson.

Net effect is that an agent's request is less likely to be denied as imperfect because the agent has a better chance of correcting an agent's request before it is denied. When your request is ready, it looks good, but you still need to prove that you fulfil the bank's credit covenants.

Underwriters will have everything in front of them they need to make a credit decisions, or at least you would think so. Although in reality this will not be recognised by banking institutions, there are still a number of barriers to overcoming. Since something was said by the Analyst, it does not always happen that the Independent Writer will approve.

A good point is that because the asset writer is actually tying up the bank's funds, they are going to take a closer look at everything. Something that may have seemed good enough to the analytical mind may be dubious to the writer. There was a customer, a consulting surgical doctor, who sent his little girl her very small allowance by permanent order to a small cash deposit in order to instruct her how to handle it.

More suspect, the supervisor ruled that the disbursement must be a loan reimbursement for a loan not specified on the request. Finally, we had to present the child's account card along with a photo to persuade the supervisor that the transaction was accentuated and appropriate. This is because writers can make errors and banking policies can evolve from time to time.

Cases of confusion, cases where the evaluation was on the false ownership, and cases where the file was "too difficult" and concealed in the lower drawing. At this last point, we had a case where it took the banks 19 month to deal with the request! Therefore, it is important that the treatment is in the best possible form until the achievement of the underwriters.

However, for intermediaries with long banking experience, the location is somewhat simpler, although not much. In general, a brokers can get an apology from the analytical firm for refusing to underwrite and, if correctible, reconsider the usage in the light given by new information. As soon as your proposal has gone through writing, it can go two ways, approved or not approved.

Once your hypothec has been approved, the institution will make a official bid, which will be sent to your home together with evidence of reception. As a rule, they will use messenger services for security and security. If you have one, your brokers get the referral to the messenger chase and can thus watch the advance - that shouldn't be necessary, but we had cases where the messenger tried to ship to the wrong land!

As soon as you have your quote, according to France legislation, you must reconsider the quote for 10 clear workingdays ( i.e. without the date of your departure and arrival) before returning it. This is a very important requirement because if you give it back early, the banks cannot legitimately take it on and will have to submit a new bid for review with a further time lag.

It will also indicate how long it is in effect - usually 1 to 3 month - and how long you can delay without taking out your loan. Historically, one institution has chosen to void all bids to US and Australia nationals, and another has chosen to void all bids to Turks, regardless of where in the worid they have been living and working.

After you have given back your properly endorsed Declaration of Assurance and met all additional requirements set by the endorser, such as insurances, the notary will be informed by the notary that the resources are available and are available. A notary will normally call for the money about 3 workingdays before it is ready: your mortgages will begin to repay when the money leaves the banc.

Failure to approve your mortgages request will require you to make sure that you receive a proper refusal form from the institution. When your compromise contains a suspended provision, the refusal must exactly correspond to the hypothec indicated in the provision. When you work with a real estate agent, the agent will do it for you.

Then you have two possibilities to try another banking or other financing sources. It is not in most cases feasible to try another institution, as all institutions generally apply the same subscription conditions. While there are some specific exclusions, you will need to talk to a real estate agent about them.

In France, this is still relatively rare, but is becoming increasingly rare.

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