Give me a Credit Card

Gimme a credit card.

Credit Card WIZZ Hungary In addition, you will get a free WIZZ Discount Club Group membership with your Erste Bank credit card! Wherever you shop (in a supermarket, at a petrol station, etc.), you earn points when you buy. Each 2 points will be added to your points total for 100 HUF that you have spend on the sale.

You can use the issuing costs of the card for the purchase: When the total amount of credit card transactions reaches the amount of the issuing charge, the issuing charge will be credited by the credit card on the next settlement date. The credit line is filled with the redeemed amount and you can use it several times.

Principal cardholder and additional cardholder use the same credit line. A bank report is issued on the detail of your debts on the same date of each monthly settlement. You must have your payment on your credit card within the 15-day additional respite after that date.

By choosing Installment redemption, it is sufficient to pay back the minimal amount specified in the current bank statements by the due date and you can select the redemption plan for the remainder. Should you elect to pay back the entire amount of the claim on the relevant accounting date3 within 15 consecutive business day (s), the EIB will not calculate interest on your shopping during the time between the accounting date and the accounting date of the preceding months and will send an text message on the transaction (e.g. buy, withdraw money from ATM, etc.).

Also, you don't have to earn as many points as are required to purchase a plane tickets. Part of the amount can also be covered by the points accumulated. Every point accumulated has an equal value in forints, i.e. 1 point = 1int. Individuals who are over 18 years old at the date of the request, are resident in Hungary, have at least a three-month unlimited contract of work with a Hungarian incorporated corporation, have their own phone (mobile phone or landline phone recorded at the requestor's home or address), comply with the Bank's credit check procedures and have the required documentation.

Your request can be submitted to any Erste Bank Hungary office.

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