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We introduce the new online experience for your GM Rewards credit card. Background. Axis HSBC Tables Breakdown GM Credit Card HSBC, the biggest retailer in the world, will launch one of the best credit card awards in the new year. From 23 January, the GM card, which is operated by the bank's HFC affiliate, will be used in the vicinity of new and established clients, so that no further expenditure will be allowed (see Credit Card Premium Guide).

Everyone who has collected reward points must use them by the end of March 2012. There is no other card that will pay so much money back in the long run, although the GM card is only for those looking for rebates on General Motors vehicles. This card will pay three "GM discount points" for every 100 euros you spend.

A point is £1 which can be used for rebates of up to £1,500 on Opel. That corresponds to a cash back of 3%.

Official HSBC credit card GM card.

Recently I was writing to HSBC and claimed my back topi using the MSE submission. From a formal point of view, it was the GM card that I have had since 1996 and now HSBC. On 12 July I was sent a note in which I said that they were not in a position to comply with the appeal. On the sample cover I said that it was never told me that the PI was an option and that it was not for sale.

Furthermore, I do not recall whether the 1996 claim was already checked in advance and I should have thwarted it. Anyone like HSBC say in the note that the bought company was not a consulting sales and after personally checking their record, they can certify that company was using company accounts when I first opened the bank and it was required by me on the request forms.

My worry, however, is that the card was initially the GM card, so how did they keep these notes? The next phrase of the note then states that HSBC cannot, under the Data Privacy Act, keep a record of the relevant products that are not present and may have been damaged.

At the end of the writing, they said, essentially, that 18 years had passed before a request for this had been made. Well, I will be writing to the Financial Ombudsman Service with the next submission to MSE. Anyone have any good advice on how I can supplement my Ombudsman brief to maintain my demand because I could come back with some cash that I have been paying all these years?

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