Gold Card

card of gold

Advantages of the Gold Card - Unlimited rounds of golf at the preferred gold card price. Receive annual Gold Card discounts when you purchase an annual travel card for travel in London. Advantages of Gold | Executive Club As a Gold Member, we help you get the most out of every second, with unique advantages that make sure you can enjoy a few quiet and comfortable seconds on your trip. Complementing the Avios Awards you receive for travel in our Premier cabin, this Animal Award brings you nearer to your next award travel, upgrades, hotel stays or rental.

Several of our airline partners also provide animal discounts to help you increase your Avios credit more quickly. You can find further information at the airline companies on our pick-up page. Issuing your Avios is one of the most worthwhile parts of the club, and we know how important it is to issue them for the desired flights whenever you want.

Gold members have free entry to extra rewards in our full range of budget class staterooms. When there is no available space in your selected aircraft or on the selected aircraft, Gold Priority Rewards allow you to earn a place of your choosing on the aircraft with twice the amount of your normal Avios, provided you make a reservation 30 nights or more in advance. Your Gold Priority Award will be awarded to you on the basis of your reservation.

Goldmembers are welcome to experience the convenience of our luxury First Lounge, tailored to your specific travelling needs. If you want to relax and refuel before your plane or get some work done before your plane leaves, our lounge is the place to be away from the hubbub of air traffic.

If you are a Gold Member, you can also use the arrival lounges at London's Heathrow Terminal 5 when traveling on long-haul services. Gold memberships give you entry to world-class check-in counters and preferred snowboarding - no matter which cabins you fly in, giving you more relaxing moments before your trip.

On your flight card you will see a group number that reflects your priorities as well. Arriving after calling up your preference group, you can enter the preference track at your own pace. We also work to make sure your schedules are not interrupted when your flight is congested by reservation guarantees and waiting lists.

We' ve added some elaborate detail to save our Gold members the expense of traveling: Their Gold subscription opens up a number of unique advantages with several of our partners: In order to prolong the card's term of validity for a further time, all you have to do is email us your documents at .

As soon as we have reviewed your records, we will e-mail you with confirmation of your extension and instructions on how to enroll your baby in the Executive Club as part of a budget holding activity. Being a member allows you to freely divide your Avios with other members on your friends and families lists so they can early benefit from an award ticket.

And even with the extraordinary Gold Member reward, we often find that members still want something. That' s why we've reserved some of the most extraordinary awards for gold members who collect even more Tier Points*: upgraded coupons, one card to the luxury Concorde Room Lounge and three Executive Club Partner Cards.

That part of the clubs is indeed a very small one. For 2,500 Tier Points, you will receive a gift certificate that you and a friend can use to purchase an upgraded next class cubicle of your choosing. Collect 3,500 Tier Points and receive 2 Gold Upgrades for a coupon you can redeem for yourself or with a pet.

Upgrade is now available for hybrid airline reservations and is contingent on premium available in the higher cab. With 5,000 Tier Points, you get the Concorde Room Card, your keys to the most luxury and comfortable lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5 and New York JFK Terminal 7, the ideal place to relax and do your work.

With 5,000 Tier Points, you'll also get two Executive Club Silver Partner Cards and a Gold Partner Card so you can enjoy your advantages with those that are most important to you. Tier point scores calculated on the basis of the demarcation in one year. Think of a gold subscription that hasn't expired no matter how often you've flown or how many Tier Points you've earned. Just think of it.

That' s exactly what you can expect when you earn 35,000 Tier Points. We' ll give you lifelong Gold Member designation and extend your subscription every year so all you have to do is enjoy your advantages and entitlements.

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