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Gold Bridge Loan

Financial services Goldentree The Goldentree is a short-term real estate lending company. We have £50K - 5M funds available in our product range for UK continental real estate and project realisation. Our range includes both financing for developments and bridge loans. The Goldentree Group is one of the UK's premier real estate financing specialists. Our financing includes both building owners and building contractors.

The Goldentree offers bridge loans for a wide range of uses, including: real estate purchases, equity releases, remediation and refinancing, backed by a 1. Goldentree's "Refurb 90" is one of the most advanced products on the shelves. Up to 90% of the total cost can be financed with this software.

ln the hand of the gods: Vietnam's Golden Bridge goes.....

The Golden Bridge, intended to give the visitor the feeling of strolling on a glimmering string across the hand of the deities, has been attracting guest attractions since its opening in June in the Ba Na Hills near Danang Horde. The pictures of the bridge have become virtual on socio medias, much to the surprised eye of the architects, who did not know that it would draw so much publicity.

"We are proud that our products are used by audiences around the world," Vu Viet Anh, chief design and founding director of TA Landscape Architecture, said to AFP. Above all, however, it is the recently constructed Cau Vang, which means "Golden Bridge" in Vietnamese, that attracts visitor interest. "Nguyen Trung Phuc said to AFP, "The bridge is wonderful with an incredible architecture and from here we can see Danang City, it is so beautiful".

"I' ve traveled a great deal, but I have never seen such pretty footbridges." Ba Na Hulls projekt was constructed by the Sun Group, which shares the same view with bold projekt elsewhere in Vietnam. At the beginning of the year, a "crystal cloud" with 58,000 gleaming Swarovski pearls in the reisterrassierten mountains of North Vietnam was opened, while the surrounding "Crazy House" in the centre of Da Lat, conceived as a triple tree house, has long been attracting a legion of prying eyes.

Last year 13 million overseas guests came, mainly from China - far away from the 35 million overseas guests in Thailand in 2017.

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