Good Credit Cards for no Credit

Excellent credit cards for no credit card

There is no active balance except your current account. You can be rejected without that, which means an automatic match to your credit rating. Good Priority Pass Black Friday deals, a new, lower priced way to travel Qatar Airways First Class with Avios.

The first step is the priority pass. When you have thought about getting a Priority Pass Flughafen Lounger ticket, the Black Friday Special, Adventure Shows, is the best special offering they have all year round. Only way to get a Priority Pass that provides free customer service is to purchase an American Express Platinum Charging card.

Two Priority Pass cards (one for you, one for your additional cardholder) are included in the scope of delivery, each of which allows one free visitor. Thus a four-person household can use a free of charge relaxation area. They pay 14.10 per lounging session, which is quite respectable. Find out more and buy on this dedicated page of the Priority Pass website.

One of Qatar Airways' two day services to Frankfurt will be converted to an Airbus A380 on March 31, 2019. This opens up some very interesting opportunities for anyone wishing to remove Qatar Airways First Class from their schedule, especially those wishing to try the stunning First Class Lounge in Doha.

From Frankfurt the new services are NOT closed for First Class returns and are NOT pricey as Frankfurt is closer to Doha than Paris or London. Like in the crazy BA environment, the tax and duties don't make sense: Here's my rating of Qatar Airways First Class (I was flying it from Paris when you could still get First Class redemption there) and here's my rating of the Al Safwa First Class Lounge in Doha.

There are currently 2 First Class and 4 Business Class seating, showing Avios on practically every A380 from Frankfurt to Doha from 31 March. Of course Business Class is also a good business from Frankfurt, because you pay 75,000 Avios returns in comparison to 120,000 Avios returns from Great Britain.

And if you wanted to try Qatar's Business Class, you' dont have to worry about spending a fortune by departing from Frankfurt and making a connection from London - although you'll miss the great Qatar Airways Londonounge.

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