Good Credit Cards to Start with no Credit

Great credit cards for getting started without a credit card

Use this card to help you build a good credit history to improve your credit rating. This is a good option if you have just moved to the UK or have a bad credit rating. In the ideal case you can start with the money you save.

In the ideal case you can start with the money you save. Below are three advantages of trusting credit cards to start a business: 1. low initial rates. When you have sound credit, you can probably find at least one credit line that provides zero percentage point APR for six month or longer.

A credit or debit card usually allows you to make your request on-line and have an immediate response. It won't be long before you use your credit to get your company off the road from there. When you choose a credit or debit card with a reward programme, you earn points for every dollars spent.

Applying for several credit cards is one way to solve this problem. It can be risky, as it plunges your company into a large amount of debts early on. If you decide on a credit with a zero per cent introduction price, the offering will eventually run out.

When you think that the interest rates for a bank-loan are high, you may be shocked to find some credit cards that hit you with an interest fee of 20 per cent or more. Debts won't go away. Just imagine: you bill ten thousand dollar on credit cards just to find your company that's going down anyway.

Maybe your company's gone, but the debt's still there. They have to repay that cash every single day, along with all the interest. This is Rox who is living with his man and his two puppies in New York City.


Buy client account information from a variety of organizations, among them retailers, credit cards and telecom firms. Working in close collaboration with clients whose liabilities we collect, we arrange reasonable redemption schedules according to their specific needs. StepChange Research by Debt Charity (Statistics Yearbook - Personal Debt 2017 ) found that in 2017 nearly 4 million visitors of individuals looking for debt-advice.

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