Good first Credit Card

First credit card

As the first Tandem franchise, it will issue a repayment credit card. Tandem, the Good Bank, has launched a credit card that provides cash back and convenience to people. Tandem's first UK card offering provides clients with a highly competetive cash back approach on all transactions, no foreign transactions charges, market-leading foreign currency rates and real-time buying up-dates.

Part of Tandem's quest to free the global bank industry from its stresses by placing audit back in the client's own custody, the card is a way for Tandem to help its clients to reduce their costs and improve their business. It' your turn to earn - Tandem wants to make men "full of life" by allowing them to carry on with the things they like.

Featuring Mastercard's premier foreign currency conversion rates and no charges when you issue abroad, Tandem's card is attractive to British travelers who have charges. Tandem's stress-free, easy-to-use bank application integrates the solution to give clients personal insight when they buy. Card and application are the ideal partner and together they form an impressing service portfolio.

They are free to go abroad knowing that they can follow what they are spending and no surprises charges are levied. There are several good reason why Tandem has chosen to start with a credit card, and one of them is the assurance that Tandem credit card holders will get free coverage for over £100 shopping, so you can be sure you'll get your cash back if, for example, the merchant goes bankrupt.

If you need some cash to pay for your emergencies, Tandem want to be there. Since Tandem is constructed by non-bankers (co-founders) and globe-traders (unambiguously), clients registering for Tandem's first round of credit card purchases have four vivid colors to select from. This card has a competing annual percentage rate of charge of 18.9%.

It' truth that some tickets require lower interest rates on purchase, but Tandem does not discourage clients from spending beyond their means (and causing fees). With this new card, which works with Tandem's application, they have created a unique experience that does just that.

Tandem CEO Ricky Knox adds: "2018 will be a great year for Tandem with our new bank licence, our bank application and our new credit card. We' re looking forward to getting our colorful maps into the customer's hand - I can't wait to see clients "tapping" into the city.

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