Good free Credit Report

Free-of-charge credit information

If you have a bad, fair, good or excellent credit. financing terms The credit is dependent on the state. Approved by the supervisory authority. Financing is available for certain orders with a floor of 250 and depends on your credit rating; please be aware that there is no guarantee of accepting financing;

see Financing Eligibility. Financing is provided by our outside partners via our Retail Financial Limited ("V12") subsidiary vendor 12.

When your request is approved, you conclude a credit agreement with Secure Trust Bank Plc, the mother organisation of VB12, which is managed by VB12. The Financial Conduct Authority has approved and regulates compliance with S12. The Secure Trust Bank Plc is licensed by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulates by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under number 204550.

Possibility of periodic repayment by direct debiting. If you have a credit and/or debit in your name and register at your home and have a home loan or savings deposit agreement. If you are in retirement and receiving a retirement benefit, or if you have a disability and are not able to work, Retail Finance may require evidence of your earnings.

When your resume is approved, you will be asked to validate your identification by authorizing a 50p payment against a credit or debit you have. It will help you and us defend against financial fraud. There will be no withdrawals from your credit cards, the data will only be used to confirm that they are correct and recorded at your adress.

However, if your resume is not a success, you can still buy the entire product via PayPal or with a credit or debit key. Rejection may be for one of the following reasons: you do not fulfil the admission requirements; unfavourable information from the credit bureau; your credit rating; your current credit with other creditors.

If you terminate your credit contract and have already obtained goods from us, you are obliged to make full payment for the goods to us (unless your right of withdrawal applies).

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