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To find the latest rates and more information, or to start the application process, visit our Online Mortgage Center. U.S. mortgage interest rates fall; 30-year mortgage interest at 4.

71 per cent

ASHINGTON (AP) - Long-term US mortgage rates bordered slightly lower this week and took a break after five even weeks rises. The cost to potential home buyers has risen, and the most important 30-year installment is at its highest level for more than seven years. Hypothecary purchaser Freddie Mac says the median charge on 30-year-old, fixed-rate mortgages down to 4.71 per cent have ticked this week from 4.72 per cent last week. 4.72 per cent of mortgage buyers have already bought a mortgage.

Last year, the reference interest rates rose from 3.85 per cent to 3.85 per cent. Mean interest rates on 15-year fixed-rate borrowings fell to 4.15 per cent this weekend from 4.16 per cent last week. 15-year fixed-rate borrowings were down 4.15 per cent this year. Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve signalled its faith in the US economic recovery by lifting interest rates for the third consecutive month and predicting a further interest rat increase before the end of the year.

NATOWest is the newest creditor to raise mortgage rates.

NATOWest has become the newest borrower to raise interest rates as the move away from all-time low mortgage transactions goes on. Borrower has raised interest rates in its retail centre by up to 0.9 per cent points and cut the amount of cashback offered by up to £250. Interest rates on two-year fixed-rate purchased goods were raised by up to 0.16 percent points, while five-year interest rates were raised by up to 0.1 percent points.

A five-year fixed-rate mortgage with 85 percent Loan-to-Value (LTV), which was raised by 0.9 percent points, recorded the largest rise. NATOWest has also raised rates for its first purchaser businesses, the share ownership program and the Help to Buy: share ownership program. However, it has reduced its buy-to-let five-year five-year mortgage at 60 percent LTV from 2.59 percent to 2.5 percent.

"Swap interest rates have risen and this has prompted creditors to increase interest rates. "If they are optimistic that they are fortunate to be there for the next five years, they would be very smart to look at the five-year cash they are currently receiving. Halifax, Britain's biggest mortgage lender, raised interest rates by up to 0.2 percent on Monday (2 October).

"Having adjusted our franchise to current mortgage markets, we are making changes to our mortgage rates, including a series of interest rates hikes on our home loans and a cut in interest rates on a buy-to-lease mortgage. "The swap rates have recently been rising as interest rates are expected to increase in the near term, which has raised financing costs.

"We still have a keen interest in buy-to-lease transactions and have lowered interest rates on a number of our brokerage exclusives.

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