Government Grants for home Loans

State subsidies for construction financing

These loans are operated in partnership with Wessex Home Loans and WE Care and Repair. It is a state system that provides interest-free loans to people with certain income-dependent benefits when you need essential things for your home or other things for which you cannot pay a lump sum, such as clothing and furnishings. You can apply in the Jobcenter or via the form on

Subsidies and loans if you have a low incomes.

Municipalities use the funds to fund programs such as grocery stores and cooperative lending institutions. For some areas, you can contact the advice directly for help if you are entitled. When you are awaiting your first instalment, you can request a short-term deposit to help you with your finances.

When you are entitled, you will normally get the deposit until the next working days after your inquiry. The amount you get depends on your circumstance and you usually have to pay it back within three month. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to agree on an advanced payment: When you need help with substantial one-time expenditures and get certain advantages, you may be able to obtain a budgeting loan or a budgeting advance available for items such as furnishings, clothing, funerals, or the expense of the move.

When you or your spouse receives pension credits, earnings support or income-based unemployment benefits or earnings-related employment and support benefits, request a budget loan by filling out and submitting forms SP500 (0800 169 0140, When you get a universal loan, request a budget advance calling the bureau that is paying for your service.

Amount of money you get depends on your circumstance - the minimun is £100. Burial can be a big one. If you are in charge of organising a burial and are in receipt of certain services, such as pension credits, you may be able to obtain help with costs through the Social Fund.

You must be a near relation or a near acquaintance of the dead. You must file a complaint within six month of the burial. Usually, if there is any remaining funds from the deceased's inheritance, you must use them to pay back the burial costs.

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