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Credit Card Granite

Bad credit card reviews online. Do you have a bad credit rating? Granit credit card - Perfect for boosting your credit standing

The Vanquis Bank offers granite credit card services and is another possible option for anyone with a poor credit record. We' ll be explaining the specifics of the Granite Credit Card in this guidebook to help you decide whether or not this particular card is right for you.

Granite maps are an insecure credit card provided by Vanquis Group. Founded in 2002 as part of the Friends Provident Group, this dedicated banking institution has currently assisted over 3.5 million UK residents in obtaining loans. The granite map, however, is different in many ways from the Vanquis-card.

In order to obtain a granite credit card, you must be over 18 years of age and domiciled in the UK. If you already have a Vanquis card, you cannot take a granite card with you. The first time you join the credit card system you will be given a credit card of between £150 and 1,000 based on your credit standing and your finances.

It can be used anywhere Visa payment is accepted, and you need to create a refund acceptance giro to make sure you withdraw what you can buy at the end of each calendar year. It is also noteworthy that your granite map gives you occasional reward.

Whilst the interest rate associated with the granite credit card appears high, it is a useful instrument for enhancing your creditworthiness.

Grandite Credit Card Verification - Credit Card for Poor Creditworthiness

Granite card is another insecure Visa credit card that has been issued by Vanquis Bank and will become another beloved card option for first credit card users or those with a poor credit record. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Vanquis also has a British call center.

Vanquis has supported more than 1 million new loan takers and those who have been refused loans in the past. This granite map is advertised by a firm named MI Money Limited. What makes it different from the other Visa credit card from Vanquis? Vanquis Visa's default credit card is very similar to its newer granite card, except that the Granite Visa card is advertised by a seperate firm named MI Money Limited, has a slightly lower annual percentage rate of 34.9% than Vanquis Visa's default annual percentage rate of 39.9% and provides significant rebates at some large UK merchants.

Can anyone request the Granite Visa credit card? If you have been denied credit in the past, it is still a good idea to request this card. If you already have a credit card from Vanquis, you cannot request this Visa card. How high is your credit line? Loan lines begin between 150 and 500 pounds and can go up to a would-be 3000 pounds.

Checks on creditworthiness are performed every 4 month. How can I use my Granite Visa credit card? Wherever Visa is acceptable, you can use your credit card at a sales outlet, on-line or over the telephone. What can I do to administer and make payment to my granite card inbox?

Granite Visa's credit card accounts can be administered using a wide range of different payment options. Because it is made out by Vanquis Banking, you can connect to your Vanquis on-line website (eVanquis), where you can see your transaction, your current status and your statement of accounts and make payment to your accounts using a direct debit card.

You can also make a payment to your own savings accounts via your bank's on-line or phone banking and at the counters of a postal office or branch, or by mail with a checks. The Vanquis can also be called 24 h a day, seven working days per week in order to verify your current state.

Further advantages of the granite credit card: When you have received at least a 500 credit line, have had your Visa card for at least 6 month and have a good payback record, you can request to include an extra card holder in your bet. With this card there are no annuities.

Paying your bank accounts on a regular basis and on schedule will improve your credit rating as your business will report to credit bureaus. This is our judgment on the granite visa credit card: It is a good option for those who are looking for a first credit card or for those with a past poor credit rating.

The interest rate is high and the credit lines are relatively low, but this is common for riskier credit card companies. The card will help you establish your credit record if you make your refunds on schedule. The card is also great if you shop a great deal at large retail stores as it gives you up to 25% off some of them.

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