Great Credit Cards

Beautiful credit cards

Beautiful credit cards for freeflyers When you are a regular traveller and want to make a free trip somewhere, these credit cards are a must. When you choose to submit an application, you will receive two credit cards - the American Express and the Mastercard. The American Express ticket lets you make one air mile for every ten quid you spent.

Where Amex is not acceptable, you can use the Mastercard and you will get one mile for every fifty lbs you spent. You can also get duplicate airline mileage if you use your cards abroad. Then you can use those airline mileage for your own travel. For example, if you collect seven hundred and fifty mileage, you will get a round-trip ticket to Paris.

Plus, if you make a thousand, five hundred points, you get a plane back to Barcelona or Rome. Another great feature of these cards is that you are not restricted to just paying your airline mileage for flights. You could, for example, buy them for a London Eye River Cruise or perhaps for a photo shoot or treatment for your skin and scalp.

The cards only fit those of you who can fully settle your bill each and every monthly. In the end, this will cost you far more than the advantages you get from miles. When you have an outstanding claim on a credit or debit/credit card, you can credit it to Lloyds TSB Duo Cards and receive six free monthly payments.

For every thousand quid you remit, you make a hundred and fifty air miles. This is because if you also issue for the credit cards, you will be affected by a bad order. So, if you're looking for a 0% Balanced Credit Cards, you're much better off opting for the market-leading Virgin Credit Cards.

All in all, however, I give the Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo credit cards great praise because I think they provide a great opportunity for those who fly a lot and fully bill every single months.

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