Great Credit Cards to have

To have big credit cards

Wide selection of Virgin offers; Worldwide use at MasterCard locations; No annual fees to pay; Manage your account online and receive paperless statements.

Credit and debit cards for travel

The best cards are the least expensive FX options. It will work as a cheaper, safer and hassle-free alternative and allow you to dispense and withdraw money the same way you do at home, with a few additional fees for the benefit of doing so. When you have one of these credit cards then you are lucky because it will be one of the least expensive ways for you to stay abroad.

And if you don't have one yet and have enough free travel with your ticket (usually about 4 weeks), why not just sign up for one and take full benefit of the low currency conversions you' ll have. With these cards, the ploy is to conserve them for expenses abroad.

Operators can provide good fares and fees because they take the opportunity to buy the cards in the UK where they will earn their way back. When you can restrict yourself to using this map only when traveling, then you are there! Santander Zero credit is a great credit line for foreign expenditure.

They get the great foreign currency conversions without any extra burden for shopping done anywhere in the globe. And there are no ATM charges, so you can get money without incurring any further costs! A yearly interest fee is levied on 27.9% withdrawal payments, even if you settle your entire account within one calendar months.

Thats only working at about an additional 2 for every 100 pounds taken out though, and is still cheaper than other ways of spending abroad. Swiss Post also has a great credit line for use on vacation. Savour 0% on credit transfer, an accepted credit line of £1,200 and 18.

A small 2.5% (min 3) withdrawals charge will apply. Interest must be paid on your purchases, even if you fully withdraw at the end of the year. It is still a great map and suggests many other ways to get your vacation money.

Request your Zaga-Map. You have low ATM charges, 0% currency translation in Europe and only 1% for global deals. And best of all, they don't calculate interest on your money when you pay back your debts in full! The majority of premium credit cards provide a variety of advantages, from personal health cover to airline mileage.

Below you will find some credit cards with excellent premiums: American Express' Preferred Awards Gold Cards are a good option for those looking for great value and advantages when spending their money. Collect points with a variety of affiliates and accumulate duplicate points on trips and foreign editions.

Use Membership Rewards points directly to redeem air ticket purchases with thousands of carriers through the Membership Rewards Travel Agency. You' ll be earning 20,000 points if you spent 2,000 in the first 3 month. Collect 2 Flying Club mileage for every 1 you spend on the American Express credit and 1 Flying Club for every 1 you spend on the Visa credit.

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