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Big summers mortgage thing. Cash. Averaging 2.52 percent across all offered LTVs, the 2-year interest fix is 2.92 percent on a five-year basis.

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The Best Mortgage Transactions and Interest Rate Policies

When you want to move home, come and speak to our consultants. You can check the mortgage markets to find offers that best fit your needs. For the first purchaser, the choice of a mortgage can seem like a bewildering one. Learn how we can make the mortgage procedure easier for you.

When you are currently dealing with another borrower and are looking for remortgage for a better offer, we look at a number of mortgage products that could help you safe your cash. No matter whether you are just getting started or broadening your real estate portfolios, let us find a buy-to-lease mortgage for you. Take advantage of our Mortgage Locator to get an overview of the available mortgage types.

If so, speak with our consultants to get the best consultation. When we find the right mortgage for you, there may be a one-time charge that applies when you apply for a mortgage. They are £249 (non-members or new clients), 149 (new clients of Harrison Murray and Nottingham Estate Agency or former clients of Nottingham Mortgage Services) and are free for Nottingham Building Society members who have kept at least 500 in one of our accounts for at least 12 month.

If, for any reasons, you do not fully fill out your mortgage, we will reimburse you the full amount. When your Nottingham Building Society mortgage business comes to an end, our advisors will help you find your next mortgage. When you are considering a move, speak to our advisor to find out how we can apply your mortgage to your new home.

When you have a mortgage from the Nottingham Building Society and would like to lend more, an additional advance is available to current clients. When you are faced with your mortgage payments, please contact us to discuss how we can help you and what you can do to help yourself.

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