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The H&T financing - short-term credits

Compute your credit costs: Select the desired loan category and customize the slider to determine the costs of your loan. INFORMATION IMPORTANT: You should always follow your credit contract to obtain accurate repayments as they may differ from our results. Applications can be made 24 h a day on-line or through any of the 190 shops across the UK.

H&T allows you to administer your credit accounts on-line, which includes verification of your balances and payment. How soon can I get my credit? Applications can be made 24 h a day, and once a loan has been authorised, the money is transferred to your bank via quicker payment. Where can I pay back my loan?

The loan refunds are made by direct debit to your payment data. If you are paying once a week, twice a week or once a month, you can still make a refund on each payment. If I cannot repay my loan on schedule, what happens? Should you believe that you may not be able to repay your loan on schedule, you should call the UK office on 0151 525 2000 to review the available credit facilities.

While H&T will not bill you for a delayed or omitted transaction, interest will still be added to the credit balance.

So what happens in the shop when I ask for a loan?

At H&T Pawnbrokers we provide low cost private lending both on-line and in our branches. Up to £5,000 in 3-36 month loan facilities are available. With our on-line calculator you can see how much you need to repay when selecting your best loan amount and your payback period.

What makes you think humans decide to try out the shop? Most of our retail lending clients decide to advertise in their own business and not on-line. Located in the main streets, our professionally run shops offer the ideal setting to request credit; we have supporting and expert employees, and you can take your money the same working days, often within 30mins.

You will be told exactly what the annual interest rate is and what the resulting amount is as montly payment and the total amount to be repaid. The H&T pawn shops, where are they? It is likely that you have an H&T shop in the immediate vicinity of where you are living, and you can find out with our Retail Shop locator.

Make sure you review what service your closest shop can provide, just in case. Once you have arrived at your H&T pawn shop, you shouldn't have to spend long waiting for an adviser. According to the result, your consultant can provide you with a higher or lower loan amount.

Remember that if you are given a higher loan amount, it only makes sense to agree to it if you have hoped to lend so much anyway, and if the refunds are fully controllable. As soon as you have been authorized for a loan, we can disburse your funds in the form of hard currency.

Be sure you can get it to a secure place before you exit the shop because you can get the false kind of publicity if it hangs out of your backpack!

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