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A non-official guide to Halifax mortgages and remortgages, including a shed story about how Halifax began to offer mortgages. The Halifax mortgage service offers mortgages for first-time buyers, homeowners who are looking for a new property or a mortgage for a better deal, and buy to rent landlords. The Halifax - what are its origins? The Halifax solution is a prime example of how a company can be strengthened from the ground up by realigning its key operations, adjusting as needed, and redesigning for the time being. Halifax plc has shown how the readiness to make a difference and the knowledge to do it efficiently are essential to survive in the finance industry, from its mid-19th centruy origins as a bausparkasse designed by locals, through a locals' Pub, to one of the UK's biggest and most prestigious finance organizations.

The Halifax - what are its origins? Halifax, which we know today, began its existence as a small regional savings and loan association. Bausparkassen in Neuzeit act very similarly to banking; for example, the same product is offered throughout Germany as by a banking institution, the only differences being in the company's corporate structures "behind the scenes".

In the early times of bausparkassen, however, they were very different from bankers. Starting in the latter part of the eighteenth millennium, a number of bausparkassen were established in Birmingham to allow the nouveau riche entrepreneurs of the Spanish Industrial Revolution to use their income. One of the brilliant concepts that lead to the founding of the first bausparkassen was that many locals needed credit to buy homes, but found it hard to get bank approvals.

Since the bausparkasse had no shareholder, its sole objective was to provide high service levels to the individuals who provided the funding - the creditors who decided to make investments with them. As there were few incentives to maximize profit and keep stockholders satisfied, bausparkassen had no grounds to deduct large gains from the borrower and could provide lower interest rate than bankers.

In other words, the investments were kept in the locality and could be enjoyed by all members; those with cash could safely make an economic return, while those who needed a credit could request one from the locality to hopefully get a better interest payment than a conventional one.

The severe limitations on the tradability of bausparkassen caused many to wish to lose their cooperative origins and to act as public limited companies or "plc". The 1986 de-regulation allowed bausparkassen to do so, and in 1989 Abbey National was the first British bausparkasse to do so, the "demutualised" one.

It was not until the end of the 90s that other bausparkassen followed, but in 1997 Halifax joined the London Stock Exchange as part of its fusion with the Leeds Permanent Buildings Gesellschaft. Five million of the Bausparkasse's clients became stockholders of the new organization, the biggest shareholder expansion in Britain's long standing tradition.

Halifax's clients' readiness to pursue the company from its origins to its new beginnings as a private banking entity shows the high level of customer confidence and customer loyalty that Halifax has earned. In the years since the creation of Halifax plc, the Group has been merging several times; in 2001 it became part of the Group as Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) and again in 2009 when Lloyd's took over it.

Today Halifax, as part of one of the world's biggest bank organisations, is well placed to provide its home loan product to the UK economy and is indeed one of the most trustworthy UK financial institutions to hold the highest proportion of home loans and saving accounts in the UK. Though Halifax has a long track record of continuous expansion, its resolve alone has not enabled it to become one of the world's leading financial institutions.

Instead of encouraging customers to benchmark almost the same interest rate with their rivals, Halifax is replacing the saving rate with a monthly flat-rate premium of 5 pounds. By simplifying the charging process, the merchant makes it much simpler for the merchant to see how their client's financial institution rewards them and shows Halifax's dedication to clear, open business.

Halifax is the UK's premier mortgage lender, as you would have expected from a banking institution whose origins are so deep in providing real estate. With a strong involvement in the UK real estate business, Halifax is committed to ensuring that its clients are provided with a broad array of market-leading commodities, for everyone from the first owner to the removal company.

At Halifax, we offer a large selection of different borrower types of home loan product so that different clients get the right deal. Halifax's four major areas of activity are "First Times Buyers", "Moving House", "Buy to Let" and "Remortgage". Initial purchasers are usually limited by their budgets, and so in this section loans tended to move towards those with small deposit sizes and flexibility in redemption schedules.

Borrower relocating usually intends to wind up their current capital and can buy a large contribution; therefore, the transactions offered in this section are designed for purchasers with a large contribution. While changes in UK regulation have resulted in a less lucrative offering than was the case a few years ago, the rental business remains very strong and borrower confidence in Halifax's business will remain high.

The choices of today's consumer are important in today's world, and the capacity of clients to refuse a business that does not fit them is crucial. Mortgage loans are no exceptions to the counter revolutionary. In order to help these users find the best offer for them, Halifax has adapted its re-mortgaging service so that they can offer the fastest and simplest way of change.

Indeed, as an added stimulus, Halifax has started to provide a £500 bar voucher to home owners who convert their homes to them - this service is only available for a restricted amount of times, but does reflect Halifax's commitment to ensuring that clients always receive the best possible care. 500 can really help lower the costs of obtaining a new home loan so that although it can be small compared to the amount of the home loan, the additional money can go a long way to Halifax as an appealing choice.

With the Halifax remortgage, who can? Basically anyone who meets his requirements for a normal hypothecary. That means the real estate must be more than £40,000 in value and you must have the necessary minimal investment - it is likely that this will be the case, especially if you have paid your home for a while, but if you started your home with a very small investment, or if you have a pure interest rate repayment schedule, you may need to make a bigger investment.

While Halifax explains that it currently lasts between 4 and 8 week to finalize a re-mortgaging trial, in 2016 Economics Minister Sajid Javid said to the press that the Better Business Bill would give consumer "more control over changing supplier for the service they depend on to ensure they get the best deal.

" A 7-day changeover system for home loans was developed to accommodate the rate at which banks' account and utility bills can be changed. Although viability trials are underway, it is likely that the UK government will be encouraging home loan lenders to significantly accelerate the repayment cycle in 2017.

Dependent on the type of products the borrowers choose, the reversal may or may not be subject to fees. Similarly to a traditional mortgages attracts a handling charge, some mortgages also involve a similar amount of money - but these fees are often lower, and there are several option for "free" mortgages.

Throughout the chargeback period, it may be necessary for a landlord to consult a lawyer or agent. It can be priceless when it comes to the red tape involved in moving a loan from one vendor to another, but it can often include a significant bill in the change making cycle.

Halifax provides a significant stimulus for borrower to change to their mortgage; Halifax covers all their rights when you change to them. That means you may not need a lawyer at all - Halifax's own experts will take care of the deal for you for free!

Halifax is a very popular option for customers who want to make the switch to Halifax because they can immediately make savings on a large part of their money in advance. If The Halifax is the right place for me? While Halifax is one of the UK's premier private mortgage lenders, every house owner is different and Halifax may not have a home loan solution that fits your needs.

It is possible to examine and find out whether your service is suitable for you before application - it is important not to send a frivolous application as several mortgages can affect your creditworthiness in a hurry. You should start by using the Halifax Calculator on the website; this easy application will help you see if one of Halifax's mortgages calculators is right for you or not.

Though not a very specific programme, it can give you an indication of whether you should take a closer look at Halifax Remortkredits or whether your situation simply does not suit Halifax's range of provision. Can I request a refund via The Halifax? When it looks as if Halifax can give you the appropriate level of support, the next stage should be to make a "Memorandum of Understanding".

A Halifax mortgages specialist will investigate your circumstances more closely and the banks will have to carry out a loan assessment. In the event that you successfully complete the solvency assessment process, you will be "in principle" eligible for your products, which means that you fulfil the conditions that Halifax has established for this particular hypothec.

It' not an offering to loan you anything, it is just an hint that if you would seek a home loan under these conditions, it is likely that they would approve. Basically, an arrangement only lasts about 15 min to be concluded on-line and should be the first stage you take when considering obtaining a Halifax loan.

To get from this point to an effective mortgages offering, you need to provide your own details and documents to Halifax, either at the office, on the telephone or on-line - the same offers are available at each site, but if you want to get guidance, you need to call or go to a store.

A Halifax in the future..... When Halifax approaches its 165th anniversary, it is surprising to look back and see how far it has come. That first night, when the Halifax Building Society creation plan was launched, no one could have foreseen that the organization would continue to be the nation's mortgages lender, and that Halifax would still be a guiding force in the finance communities long after all the founder members were gone.

Halifax has, however, stayed at the head of the UK financial sector by exploiting development and adjusting to change and has been successful throughout its long history. Halifax is likely to reap significant benefits from the general economic revival as rising interest levels will prompt depositors and depositors to entrust their financials to Halifax.

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