Have no Credit need a Credit Card

You do not need a credit card.

I usually forgot the "must have" when I left the store. You' ll pocket the money in no time! Do not require a credit card for this hostel - New York City Message Board

and none of them have a credit card. Do you have a nearby resort near Manhattan that likes to use its laser card as a security tool? Banks in Ireland are after they have reduced the issuance of Visa cards, so I do not know if they could get one.

before they left. Think it all comes down to whether the guesthouse provides extra services like a mini bar / room servic / paying TV / paying web and how they get charged for it.... I am in Great Britain and I have not seen laser tickets here acceptable and I have not seen them in New York either....

What is a lasercard? You are just above the surface of us here in Britain, and I don't see any folks here who accept lasers... now exactly! Unless they have the credit card with them that they booked earlier, they should better show up with money (as in US dollars) to pay the whole amount in advance, and as mentioned earlier, if they are not 21 years old, they may be refused a room.

When they are not old enough to have credit card, you are sure that they are old enough to go abroad..... I' d also write an e-mail or call the hotels directly to make sure there are no credit card issues when you check in. No use for credit card, so they don't.

Didn't know a laser card was only available in Ireland. I' ll get her to ask the bank for a credit card in the morning and see if it gets authorized, but as I said before, because of the credit crunch, the bank here is not distributing it the way it used to.

Back to your question: Even if with a bit of good fortune there are companies that offer Laser Care, it would be better if they paid the security money in advance at check-in. The majority of our hoteliers allow advance payment in the form of a bank transfer. Every guesthouse has a different guideline. Remember that it is not enough for the mother to reserve the room with her card.

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