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You do not know whether your loan has an advance payment penalty. Tintin gave a good answer, but let me make it clear: a HELOC is like a credit line, i.e. you can draw on it or pay it out as you wish.

The California Appellate Court holds mortgages, which were taken out at the same time as HELOC, had priority and was not authorized to use surplus funding.

Recently, the California Court of Appeals ruled that a hypothec (the "Mortgage") taken at the same time as a home equities line of credit was taken out (the "HELOC") took precedence and was not eligible for an excess of the enforcement of the HELOC, although the HELOC tool number was ahead of the hypothec.

Here, the Mortgagor received two nationwide mortgages, each backed by a fiduciary certificate on the Mortgagor's property: the $205,080 Mortgages and the $15,000 HELOC. They were both on the same date, but at the same moment they were continuously indicated by the recorder's bureau and the first device number was allocated to HELOC.

Finally, the hypothec was allocated to the respondent in that claim, with HELOC being allocated to the claimant. Following the default of the debtor, the claimant excluded HELOC from the sale of the real estate, resulting in a net income of $75,000. Among other things, the respondent asserted a claim to the excess because the registered number of the instruments of the hypothec was the same as that of the HELOCs.

On the other hand, the Courts ruled that the respondent was a holder of a prior right of pledge whose right of pledge was retained on the land but who was not considered for excess resources. Subsequently, it allocated approximately $13,000 of the excess to another pledgee and the rest to the borrowers.

What is the benefit of a HELOC over another home loan for a second down pay?

Tintin gave a good response, but let me make it clear: a HELOC is like a line of credit, i. e. you can use it or disburse it at will. An ordinary 2. is determined to be fully utilized when the loan is granted and has a firm repayment plan.

However, the installment can be lower on the 2. conventional only because of the creditors that make the money supply more predictive. They must however know that sometimes creditors and their agent/representatives use HELOC to really mean a conventional second place mortgag. Which HELOC or Equity Loan is right for you?

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