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Repayment of foreign mortgages and exchange rate gains

Non-US dollars Americans may not realize that there may be fiscal implications in the US if they switch mortgage lenders, modify the conditions of their mortgage, or make principal repayments on their mortgage. IRS considers such transaction to be a qualifying for US taxation and may give rise to a rateable income effect.

The US taxpayer has a mortgage with creditor "A" and chooses to switch to creditor "B" because the mortgage rates are more advantageous. The US Tax Payer chooses to repay a flat rate mortgage so that he has little or no debts on his land. From a US fiscal point of view, in both cases the value of the US dollar mortgage at the start of the mortgage and the value of the US dollar mortgage at the date of redemption or redemption of the principal must be taken into account.

An £100,000 mortgage will be taken out if the conversion rates are between £1 and $1.50. £100,000 principal or the reverse mortgage will be paid if the conversion rates are £1 to $1.20. That would lead to an increase in foreign currency translation of 30,000 US dollars. Recent changes in the UK-UK parity should raise the number of US Taxpayers who have fallen into this little-known pit.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are considering rescheduling your mortgage or repaying its principal.

The Liberty Bank

Beachwood, Ohio - Liberty Beachwood, Ohio, N.A. today announces that it has strengthened its private mortgage lending franchise and introduced a new range of mortgage credit offerings. Liberty's mortgage product offering - available for both new and funded home construction lending - includes The Liberty Bank's physician mortgage facility was developed to address the specific needs of new and incumbent doctors.

Liberty was the only financial and sound institution to be named one of the fastest growing businesses in the Weatherhead 100 programme in 2008. It is the second year in a row that the Weatherhead 100 programme has honoured the Group. Ohio has also been named one of the most succesful NEO Success Awards programs firms in northeastern Ohio two years in a row.

Liberty Banka has operations in Beachwood, Solon and Twinsburg and provides services to domestic and private customers with revenues of up to $35 million. Freedom: Liberty Banka, N.A. was established in 1990 and is a fully fledged joint central bank. Liberty Banka, N.A. is the largest of the banks in the world. Headquartered in Beachwood, Solon and Twinsburg, the independent financial institution services domestic customers and private companies with revenues of up to $50 million.

The Liberty Bank specialises in offering clients a range of financial and operational innovation, as well as highly personalised financial and operational solutions, at highly competitive prices. Lyberty Bank, N.A.

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