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What bank does HELOC offer at a fixed price? Customer shall offer the Bank ownership of its property in return for a lump sum payment and/or a regular payment flow from the Bank. At Wells Fargo, we offer home loans for renovation and conversion. Learn what we can offer your customers. Learn what we can offer your customers.

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Two contracts signed by IA Systems with the credit handling module

International Association of Bank and Finance Industries (IA), a supplier of banking products and solutions to cooperative banking organizations, banking organizations and other businesses, today announces that NuUnion and Pittsford Federal Credit Union have chosen StreamLend Velocity to improve their debt management activities. StreamLend Velocity provides automatic facility for managing your exposures to consumers, indirectly and homeowners.

NuUnion Credit Union, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, has $780 million in net worth, 14 offices and 88,000 members; Pittsford Credit Union, headquartered in Mendon, N.Y., has $225 million in net worth and 16,600 members. The NuUnion Credit Union will use StreamLend Velocity for all its home and home loan operations and is planning to go online in October this year after the completion of the hosted converting.

StreamLend Velocity will be used by Pittsford for car credits, consumer credits, overdrafts, Visa, Home equity, Home improvements and HELOC. StreamLend Velocity is a customisable, zero-paper paper based granting system that fully automates your whole granting workflow. Leveraging the ability to integrate smoothly with all key kernel processes, the bank's advanced payment processing solutions provide a dozen of third application interfacing options.

In addition, StreamLend Velocity provides sophisticated safety, audit and regulatory compliancy capabilities that enable creditors to secure their borrower and their information. "StreamLend Velocity's decision making system is more resilient than our existing system," said Jim Costello, NuUnion Credit Union senior VP. "The StreamLend Velocity provides the ease of use and structure needed to back up our existing credit line, as well as the capability to incorporate new credit offerings as needed.

" Brian Scudder, Pittsford seniors executive, said there were several factors that led the Federal Credit Union to choose StreamLend Velocity to rationalize its lending business. "streamlend-velocity allows us to adapt the design of our applications and our workflows to suit our own individual environments. We' ve found that StreamLend Velocity is highly understandable - navigating, laying out and working with it is very progressive.

Although it is still at an early stage of the development lifecycle, there is already a remarkable degree of convenience and comprehension among those members of the teams who have experienced the StreamLend Velocity system. "Chris Cazer, COO of IA Systems, commented: "We have designed StreamLend Velocity to help us fully automatize and rationalize credit origination for banks of all sizes, both for internal installations and for an external hosting facility.

They are both web-based, and these browsing features give customers more power and agility to tailor their credit transactions to their unique needs. It was our aim to make credit easy, efficient, agile and safe, and we believe that this is indisputably mirrored in StreamLend Velocity."

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