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I need you to help me fix my balance.

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They wouldn't necessarily have expected a financial writer to have a great deal of trouble getting credit, but I've had trouble for years. However, I cannot help but feel that the penalty I was given did not match the felony. There are no credit card, no overdraft, no private credit, no mortgages and no customer credit card.

I' m not in official debt either. I' m not in debt because I can't get a loan. Can' t even open a simple banking deposit - both Barclays and the Royal Banc of Scotland have declined to give me a simple banking deposit this year. Why won't anybody give me credit?

Now, as I'm sure, both the cover of this blogs and the few small things I've given so far show that my credit standing is at the very low levels that it can be. Amazingly, this is not because I am a exonerated liquidator after filing for insolvency in January 2004.

I owe my believers over 20,000 when I went bankrupt, but I was confident it was the right choice, first because I could incorporate my college debt into the application for insolvency - something that can no longer be done, but which at the times many college kids were doing thanks to a gap in the law that the federal administration has now filled.

Secondly, my insolvency would last only a year, thanks to recent legislative changes designed to motivate more individuals to set up their own business. So, I went out of business, locked in my tuition fees, was fortunate enough to be questioned by a magistrate who had sympathy, if any, for the issues I had in my finances, and was properly bankrupted.

The following April, I was told that I was one of about 40,000 persons who had been released from the obligations of their insolvency. Now that I had released myself from paralyzing debt, I could begin to restore my creditworthiness. I' ve been denied many lines of credit ever since.

That even entails a credit line of 250 on a Capital One credit card-which sincerely surprises me, not least because Captial One is apparently going to take anyone regardless of their credit rating and because even as bankruptcy I was permitted by law to apply for and use a line of credit up to a limit of 250 (although I have seen on a debtor advisory website that this picture has actually gone up to 500 pounds).

Barclays Banks, to be frank, I understood why they refused my request for a simple banking deposit - after all, I owed them 20,000 pounds before and they had very little of it back. However, my opposition by the Royal Court of Scotland has increased somewhat as I already have a base banking relationship with them through a credit bureau named Gregory Pennington.

Four years ago I opened the giro transfer and it was always managed responsibly. At the beginning of July I requested a simple RBS banking deposit in order to start rebuilding my credit standing and to still get word from them whether I could have an RBS deposit or not, but since it was almost two month ago, I guess I'll never get to it.

I' ve since uncovered the reason why I can't get any credit nearly 18 months since I' m offloaded from my insolvency order because there are three district judgments on my credit record. Those CJCs were one of the main causes why I eventually chose to declare myself bankrupt. However, the insolvency does not concern the CNJs as I had envisioned.

So I was informed that my responsibility for the debt I had incurred in my application for insolvency would end as soon as the application was approved, and I was then dismissed, so certainly at this point the CCJs should be deleted from my credit files. I am no longer responsible for them, but because of the fact that my name has been changed to CCJ, I cannot restore my creditworthiness and live on.

I will try to get guidance in the next few month on how to enhance my credit score or if possible how to completely delete my credit score from my credit score. Already, I have consulted a credit counseling company and the official recipient. Credit counseling said I should send a "letter of satisfaction" to my old debtors, which are written out by the borrower as soon as a loan has been paid, and go into the debtor's credit records Expert and Equifax.

Usually the liability is deemed settled when it is settled, but here is the bad news that bank croupts may not know about...if the liability is not settled in the six-year time frame in which the CCJ will appear on a person's credit record, the believer may apparently request the district courts to extend it.

That does not hold for me, because my responsibility for the liabilities has disappeared, but this is not a sufficiently well-known fact, and I think that it could have surprised hundred if not thousand of them. Considering my responsibility for the guilt is at the end, when I talked to my case bureau in the official recipient's bureau and asked if it is likely that my believers will deliver such a letters of gratification, the answer he gave was that he did not know it.

So, after failing in the first try to restore my creditworthiness by opening a base banking deposit, I now try to clear my credit record first by asking my former believers for clemency.

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