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They still owe the debt and the lender can continue on charging interest and fees so it is essential that you get free debt counsel to help you deal with the problem. This factsheet explains how to deal with the general problems that often occur with payday loan debt. I don't give my payday money, do I go to jail?

In recent years, "payday" lending has become more and more widespread in the United States, as well as in the State of Texas. The interest rate at which the borrower defaults on these credits is very high for a wide range of purposes. When you are in arrears with a payment day loan or fear that you will be in arrears with one in the near term, you may be worried that you will go to prison because you have not paid for the loan.

You' re not going to prison if you don't give a day loan. In the United States, the bill is very clear - borrowers cannot be imprisoned because they do not settle a debt. The US Constitution forbids detention for debt. All of our Insolvency Acts are federally enacted acts that allow borrowers to apply for insolvency cover if they are not able to reimburse their debt.

In addition, debt recovery is a case of private international business, not of crime.... Creditors may prosecute the recovery of a claim by the US civilian judiciary, but creditors may not be sued before the US penal judiciary for non-payment of a claim. Let's discuss how a payday loan works.

A person who needs immediate cash due to a face-to-face disaster can get a "payday loan" from one of the countless payment date loan firms throughout Texas. Borrowers undertake to repay an extremely high interest on the loan, often in excess of 500 per cent. Then, the debtor gives the payment date creditor a postdated cheque dating on the same date as his next payment date.

As an alternative, the Mortgagor gives the Mortgagor the opportunity to make an automated disbursement from the Mortgagor's banking book on the date of the Mortgagor's next Salary Cheque. Often a debtor does not have the means to reimburse the loan when it matures, so the loan is overwritten with another large portion of the interest added to the debt.

No wonder borrower often fall behind because they cannot afford the loan plus all the extravagant interest and commission. Creditors (the payment loan company) certainly has the right to prosecute repayments through judicial recovery techniques, as well as submitting a small claim suit against the borrower. But they really try to recover the debt by giving you a call every single minute of the week, at work or at home.

When you submit your postdated cheque and it "jumps", or if there is not enough money in your bank when the payday creditors try to pay themselves back, the payday creditors could tell you that you have commited a felony and will be apprehended. You can' have a believer put you in prison.

You can only be prosecuted by public attorneys or U.S. public attorneys if they believe you commit a felony. But practically every prosecutor knows that not repaying a loan is not a felony and will not even try to sue you. As a matter of fact, most payday creditors know that state attorneys do not have enough spare t o a payment date creditor with the state's bureaus to accumulate their debts and mad interest rate and will not even make touch with them.

You' ll be threatening to get in touch with them to frighten you into making you buy. I' ve even seen how payday creditors are lying and explaining that they are "Investigator Jones" to frighten a borrower by repaying a debt. It' not a felony, no payday loan to repay.

Why it is not a felony not to give a payment loan is because the lender knew that you could not give the loan when the loan was granted! When you are overdue on a payment loan, bankruptcy can be the best option. So not only will submitting for bankruptcy cause all debt collecting effort by your debtors to terminate immediately, but it can eradicate most of your debts and offer you a new beginning.

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