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Accepted credit cards with high acceptance

A person who is repeatedly denied credit is likely to be a high-risk applicant. Nowadays Amex is known as a high-end credit card issuer, in some circles even as a luxury issuer. It is not the first advance of American Express into wider acceptance.

Do Lagos accept credit cards? - Lagos Message Board

Do Lagos accept credit cards? International guests and inhabitants can be approached by fraudsters. When you or your relative or friend is asked to send funds to Nigeria, you should make sure that it is not fraudulent and that you have duly informed the recipient of the funds that they are applying.

Scammers also target individual clients in the UK. A variety of programs are being implemented by Western Africa crime clusters to help victimize the separation of cash, known as advances or 419 scams. Nigeria's scammers are also known for focusing on web -dating/personal websites to receive cash from victim.

More information on charge frauds can be found on the Scam Alert for Western Africa page of the Metropolitan Police website.

Soon your Amex map will work at further sites.....

The Amex Group wants to close the void between the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard's and Amex cards. Visas and Mastercard bill supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, stores and anything else that requires fewer cards per deal than Amex. Indeed, Amex can take over up to 10% of the merchant's transactions when clients are paying with selected reward items.

In order to offer members more opportunities to use their credit cards, American Express is reducing the merchant transactions charges. Consumers have little to no impact on their wallets from Amex charges, but if more companies are accepting your credit cards, there are clear advantages. Nowadays Amex is known as a high-end credit cards company, in some quarters even as a luxurious company.

The GSTP has talked to restaurateurs who have said that they would just not be in business if they did not do Amex. Reducing the fee to an avarage of 2.37%, according to the Financial Times, Amex will find more and more dealers who will introduce and approve your Amex cards. It is not the first advance of American Express into a broader acceptance.

Amex has been working with small companies for many years to provide "Shop Small" shopping experiences in sites around the globe. When everything goes according to schedule, practically every company that picks up cards will soon also take Amex. Reduced charges, lower reward? Amex faces fierce opposition to other credit cards in most countries.

Most unlikely, Amex would reduce the reward to take these lower charges into consideration, especially as greater acceptance would result in higher volumes of transactions. Similar to their colleagues at Chase and Citi, Amex points are particularly valued because of their transferable natures, giving card members the freedom to choose which airlines, hotels or products to use their points for.

There are six ways to use Amex points for First Class while you are here.

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