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That is good news for marketplaces and online mortgage brokers. Imagine the impossibility of the dream: Will mortgage finance revolutionize the mortgage world? In 1986 I began working in the mortgage business. However, I cannot help but have the feeling that the UK tends to look at these technologies in terms of procedural efficiencies (costs) and regulatory compliancy (rules and auditing paths). Throughout the world, new and groundbreaking mortgage vendors are using technologies to enhance the borrower's expertise, digitize and streamline the loan making processes, avoid red tape and - via client portal - involve the lender in the mortgage lending lifecycle.

The new lenders have adopted an Amazon-like paradigm to deliver a quicker, portable, self-paced and on-demand, professionally supported consumer experiences to deliver a truly end-to-end mortgage lending solution. Instead, they concentrate on the customer's trip to the home, helping the consumer, facilitating home purchase, extending the value creation chain and linking the borrower to the service they need to buy, move in and eventually reap the benefits of their home.

Too often, established lenders are ignoring the fact that clients actually want a home and have no intrinsic wish to be an agent in a lender-driven business case, especially one that is not well understood. However, the fact of the matter is that the client is not a creditor. In the future, tradtional mortgage lenders and intermediaries will have to evolve the width and breadth of their cadavers.

That' s simpler said than for some, against the background of obsolete inheritance schemes that hinder the introduction of mobiles, clouds, analysis and other forms of digitisation. Could we say that the UK mortgage business is really client-focused? And is the United Kingdom at the technological top of mortgage capacity?

Is the lender and sales models primarily characterised by broker bottlenecks, adherence to regulations and, above all, the wish to have consulting services outsourced? Statistical evidence suggests that little has happened in respect of overall dominance, with the common culprits with the common technologies still dominant. And while we have seen mortgage lenders and brokerage firms invest equally in tech and innovate, are these changes in the markets transformer?

An increasing number of non-banks and specialist companies have come onto the US mortgage markets and are gaining the fight to grant and manage mortgages. Companies such as Quicken, Sofi, Loan Depot and Lenda are eliminating the underlying pains of old IT infrastructures through the use of automatic credit approval algorithm, digital capture of documents and online communication.

Throughout the mortgage lifecycle, Quicken Loans has outsourced the mortgage lifecycle online, minimizing face-to-face exposure, and is now valued as the second biggest mortgage provider and provider in the US. Unsatisfied, Quicken recently introduced its Rocket Mortgage services, which promise full authorization in eight moments via the customer's smart phone. She has won the J.D.Power Consumer Experience Award for Prime Mortgages over the past six years and the J.D.Power Mortgage Services Award over the past two years.

Nationstar Mortgage, another large U.S. non-bank, has created a Xome solution that it says is "the world's first end-to-end end-to-end property integration solution that connects every key point in the transactions chain, from housing search to business completion. "There is a large choice of property for purchase, which clients can buy through the online function "own it now" combined with the option "express close" before the auctions.

LendingTree, Mortgage Hippo, Zillow and eLoan markets use mortgage interest algorithm generating leads to present prospective lenders' offerings to buyers. As soon as the borrowing party has selected a transaction, the referencing side of the exchange will receive a charge for the match and the borrowing party will complete the transaction with the creditor. On-line mortgage brokerage firms like Sindeo offer more of a brokerage services, with advisors who guide clients through the home loans screening procedure and work in close collaboration with the borrower and creditor.

Habito quickly followed, claiming that his algorithm can browse the entire store to find the best offer for a client in 10 mins. However, this possibility is also open to them. Interhyp, which belongs to ING, is one of the most successfull mortgage broker in Europe using finance technologies.

Over the past 10 years, the German mortgage journal Eurouro has voted it Germany's best mortgage lender. She advises on her website, which is backed by mortgage advisors in call centers and around 90 local centers. Using a unique blend of technologies and services, Interhyp can help customers find the best financing solution from around 400 banking institutions, home loan and savings associations, and insurance companies.

AashChing in Australia is an online marketing place for mortgage lenders and mortgage lenders. Via its trading platforms, creditors can obtain exclusively broker-only advice from lenders. As soon as a debtor has decided on a business, #ashChing - in the truest sense of the word - provides the client with all the necessary information, such as a photo, telephone number, e-mail and ratings from past clients, as well as a calendaring request.

Borrowers can use the #ashChing website to submit a document and get a call from the mortgage agent within 24hrs. LoanDolphin, also in Australia, runs an online trading system where clients can confidently input their data and priority information on an online trading system where bankers and mortgage brokerage firms compete for money.

LoanDolphin seeks to address information imbalance by reversing the processes (i.e. when the creditor and/or brokers have more information than the borrower). More and more new mortgage loans are funded by capital from outside parties. Amid a record-breaking low-interest landscape, capex traders are looking for higher yields from mortgage investments with a supposedly tolerable level of exposure.

That is good news for market places and online mortgage brokerage. New companies like Better Mortgage in the US have launched a three-page online match engines that connects consumer, real estate and investor financing. Mortgages are arranged for the benefit of our clients, who ensure continuous support and client contacts after the transaction.

The Netherlands has seen a number of investment trusts known as directorpartijen, which have allowed institutions to issue mortgage loans through trusts that provide a higher return than domestic sovereign debt. And of course the mortgage is an integral part of the home swap system. Historically, with the evolution of analysis, many have admitted that plains versus villas are vulnerable to computerization, while some believe that the need to retain clients and/or work with non-standard application is a shelter.

Some of the world' s top financial institutions in Japan, China, India and most recently in Europe, are using "humanoids" to handle regular client enquiries and help open accounts. It is not unimaginable that every mortgage could be processed in the near term by robot advisors or even local people! Innovations that improve the consumer experiences, offer more choices and competitiveness, and place the consumer at the center of a mortgage provider's operations have nothing to worry about.

Alternatively, there is a very realistic chance of loosing significant shares of the mortgage markets, potential income and perhaps a long term deductible for the new and aspiring group of mortgage lenders. Finally, as Europe's largest mortgage brokerage house, the UK presents a significant opportunity: 11 million £1.3 trillion worth of mortgage loans, with the new mortgage lending perhaps well on the way to surpassing last year's £220 billion aggregate.

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