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Home Equity Line Prices

ExpressSM Home Equity Equity Equity Credit Line Help us make your home work tougher for you! Get the most out of the value of your home with an Equity Express line of credit for construction, invoice consolidations, well-deserved holidays - almost anything. APR of 1.00% is set for the first twelve month from the date of opening your new Equity ExpressSM (EEX) Home Equity Line of credit (HELOC) accounts (Promo Period).

Up to $250,000 on requests from 1.9.12 to 30.11.12 submitted by 31.12.12; will require automated payments from a First Commercial Bank Limited United Kingdom (FCBUK) current bank escrow bank and may be changed or terminated without prior notification. Different interest rates/conditions are available for investor wires or wires over $250,000.

Fees do not apply to an already opened RCBUK HELOC bank accounts opened before 1.9.12. or to the deposit or withdrawal of an already opened RCBUK HELOC bank credit. At the end of the promo period the course is flexible. Actual floating interest rates in effect on 1.9.12. are 4.50% per annum and may be changed each month on the basis of the highest prime rates quoted in the Wall Street Journal plus a spread (subject to 4.50% per annum floors rates; annual interest rates are 18.00% maximum).

There is a $500 charge if the EEX is shut down or the line of credit decreased within the first three years. FCBUK pays or waives charges and expenses for flooding certificates, banking security, fiduciary security, fiduciary security, loan reports, fiduciary checks, home inspections, mortgages entries, notaries, registration charges for the approval of third mortgages and valuations for owners' own use EXs up to $250,000; however, clients may obtain an opinion at their own expense at an estimate between $500 and $1,200.

Up to $500 will be credited to you at the close of the term for any EEX s with owner-occupiers up to $250,000 to cover the early entry fees of a third-party creditor if you make an early deposit on your new EEX to pay your current Home Equity Line Net Worth of at least $10,000 to that third-party creditor.

The third borrower must determine and identify this prepayment penalty through his repayment process in order to obtain the credits on conclusion of the transaction. Up to $250,000 for owner-occupier EXs, if no early transaction charge is made by a third-party creditor, or if a third-party creditor disburses less than $10,000 on the current home equity line, you will earn $100 at the end of the term if you conclude your current line with another creditor to open your EEX.

The EEX line of credit may contain a fixed-rate function applicable to fixed-rate mortgages. At your option, the Equity Loan Options can be added, provided that you and all of the above mentioned counterparties on the Equity Express accounts carry out the Equity Express with the Equity Express Loan Agreement Supplementation.

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