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Home-equity loan advice

Buying help: equity-accelerated loan They may be looking for more room, the latest in home decor or just a new home, but not everyone can buy a new house alone. Help to Buy means that anyone can buy a new home, not just first-time shoppers. Governments will loan moving companies up to 20% of the total cost of their new home, and there will be no loan charges for five years after you move in.

There' s no floor loan, and the floor is £120k. But if you have a larger down payment, your home loan will be less. Selling your house means paying back the full amount you rented. If, for example, you lent a 20% loan when you purchased your house, you will have to repay 20% of what your house is worth once you have sold it.

When your house is more valuable, when you are selling, you have to repay a little more than you have lent. When you decide to remain in place, you must repay your equity loan after 25 years. Prior to starting the purchasing procedure, you must talk to a Help to Buy representative who will evaluate your Help to Buy program purchases.

Buying help: equity-accelerated loan

Q. Which people are entitled - and for which kinds of real estate? You must make a down payment of at least 5% of the real estate value. Such loans are referred to as "shared equity" mortgages. If the house in the graph above was selling for 250,000, making a "£50,000 gain" you would get 200,000 (£150,000 from your mortgages, 10,000 pounds back in cash and 40,000 pounds as 80% of the gain ") and 50,000 pounds back to the UK authorities (the 40,000 pounds equity loan, plus an additional 10,000 pounds as 20% of the gain").

You' d have to repay your loan with your cut of the cash. Q. When do I have to repay the equity loan? It will be in your name, i.e. you can always buy it. They can also repay the equity loan without having to resell your home.

In this case, the minimal refund is 10% of the actual value of the real estate at the moment of the refund. Further useful information can be found on the website of the Money Advice Centre. Q. Are there any charges for the equity loan? No loan charges will be levied on you for the first five years of ownership of your home, but in the sixth year you will be levied a charge of 1.75% of the loan value.

Thereafter, the charge is increased each year according to rate of rate of inflation. Each year the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 1% is used to calculate the rate increases. If the RPI is 5% at the end of the 6th year of your equity loan, for example, the charge is increased by 6% from 1.75% in year 6 to 1.86% in year 7 (which is 1.75% plus (1.75% x 6%) = 1.86%).

If your advisor can help you find the right mortgages, he can give you a more detailled description. In addition, you will receive a declaration of your equity loan every year. Q. What are the interest rate levels for the mortgages? According to this formula, they lend only 75% of the value of the real estate and not 95%, which means that you will profit from lower interest than you would normally do.

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