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Her home is her most valuable asset. Failure to repay the debt allows the lender to take your collateral (your home) and sell it to get his money back. Home-equity loans (clone) FCA Nearly all companies and persons providing UK finance must be either licensed or incorporated by us. The company is not incorporated by us, but has approached persons in the UK claiming to be an authorized company. You can use the name of the real company, the company name, the company name, or other information.

The company, approved by the FCA, for which scammers claim to work for them, has no reference to the "cloning company". The company is licensed to supply UK finance and has accurate information: It is strongly recommended that you only talk about our authorized finance companies and review the Registration for Credit Institutions and the Registration for Intermediate Consumer Credit Authorizations (link is external).

When a company is not listed in the register but is claiming this, please call our consumer hotline on 0800 111 6768. And there are other things you should do to help prevent unauthorized companies from doing business. Also, you should be cognizant that if you give funds to an unauthorized company, you will not be eligible for the Financial Ombudsman Service (Link is external) or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (Link is external) (FSCS) if something goes awry.

So if you believe that you have been targeted by an unauthorized or clustered company or have been compromised for fraud, you should call our consumer hotline at 0800 111 6768. They can see more ways to notify an unauthorized company and find out what to do if you have been cheated. Should you believe that your authorized company has been compromised or that fraudsters are using your name or other information in a fraudulent manner, please call our company hotline at 0300 500 0597.

Management of a equity loan mortgage portfolios on creditors' instructions

Management sevices for the international finance sector. Procurement on the instructions of other clients: II.1. 5)Short outline of the agreement or purchase: Management sevices for the international finance sector. Operative value-added banking solutions for the finance industry. Management service for the operation of a company. dwelling management service. Data base utilities. Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is looking for an manager, a "Mortgage Administrator" or "MA", for credits granted byorrowers ( "members of the public") who participate in nominee government home owning regulations, including:

The First Time Buyers Initiative, FirstBuy, HomeBuy Direct et Help to Buy Equity loans. Geographically, all credits are equity securities and always rank second behind the lenders' principal securities and are backed on the borrower's home. The management of equity securities involves: preparing clear and legally sound financial reports to the borrower, charging interest to the borrower and assuring that the borrower collects the right amounts from the borrower when the loan is repaid, and minimizing the amount of debt in arrears. 3.

Administrators will maintain and administer a full and precise loan and related interest payment repository, which must be matched to the HCA's own record. In order to keep this reconciled item informed and assist the HCA's bookkeeping needs, the MA will regularly submit to the HCA periodic progress and transaction reporting updates.

He will also deliver montly interest collections to HCA's partner (approximately 100 builders), where they will divide an equity portion of real estate under the FirstBuy and HomeBuy programs, e.g. the closing Backbook ( see below). The management of the credit in the portfolios (regulated and unregulated) must comply with all relevant laws, as well as all DCA and CCA regulations.

Our service also covers answering questions from debtors and implementing established guidelines and processes for processing debtor inquiries, e.g. for debt rescheduling, loan repayments or changes to creditors. At the end of June 2015, the loan book comprised more than 97,000 credits. Our credit portfolios continue to expand (it is expected that 20,000 new credits will be taken out between 2015-16 - July and March) and a further 120,000 credits will be added by 2020, and 30,000 credits per year by 2020 (2016 to 2020).

Currently, all planned new loan commitments are limited to " limited publicsector credits " and are therefore exempted from regulatory requirements and are expected to come into effect in March 2016. Back Book" is a reduced part of the portfolios, which includes around 20,000 regular consumer credit facilities from the HomeBuy Direct and FirstBuy programs, which have already been completed and for which the lenders are generally either privately owned or a housing company.

The backbook of credit will be governed by the Mortgage Credit Directive (and will be governed from 21 March 2016), but it is not currently foreseen that newly governed credit will be taken up. From 21 March 2016, new credits such as Help to Buy will be exempted from the present and new regulations.

Twenty-seven (27) month original duration of the Agreement is suggested, but may be prolonged at the HCA's option for one or more additional terms of up to three (3) years. II.1. 6)Common procurement vocabulary: 6615000000 - Public procurement management service. 66151000 - Operating activities for capital goods networks. 74112000 - Management service for the operation of a company.

No 75123000 - Apartment management activities. 7232000000 DATA 7232000000 data base service. Management of mortgages on borrowings resulting from past and prospective state-nominated equity loan schemes. III.1. 3)Legal status of the group of entities to which the award is to be made: III.1. 4)Other special conditions: Posted in the Memorandum of Information, in particular with permission to manage second credits under applicable law and from 21 March 2016.

Proposers must fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) that meets the public procurement regulation 2015 standards. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England. Quotations and all receipts must be calculated in GBP and all payment under the Agreement must be made in GBP.

These procurements and contracts are governed by the rules of openness adopted by the UK Government. Such agreements shall cover the publishing of the bidding documents published by HCA and the agreement between HCA and the contractor. HCA adopts a zero tolerant attitude towards corrupt practices and defines high levels of neutrality, integrality and objectiveism in the administration of government resources and operations.

In the view of the awarding entity, this mandate may be appropriate for small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) entities. Contractors shall provide for a stand-still time of at least 10 working calendar days as soon as information on the procurement is sent to bidders. The time limit allows failed bidders to examine the merits of the bid and to point out mistakes in the procurement procedure.

In the event of unsuccessful appeals against the placing of a public procurement order, the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and its subsequent amendment allow injured persons to bring an appeal before the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). It must be instituted immediately and the intent to bring the matter to the notice of the awarding authorities in order to allow the tender procedure to be suspended.

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