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cable The Daily Telegraph data show that stock exchange providers have lowered interest rate levels for those over 55 who decide to use the assets held in their homes. Sometimes new clients are billed only 5 per year, while older borrower debts increase by 8 per year. The way the stock split works means that this interest differential will be valuable to the typical borrowing citizen for the next ten years, ten thousand quid, as shown by figures for this newsmagazine. Only a few clients are stuck in a major industrial secret: equity releasing loan takers, like normal mortgagors, can at any moment reimortgage to a better business.

To many, the cost reductions achieved by abolishing an old insurance at one of today's best interest levels will eclipse all recortgaging fees. But, unless borrower act now, their lenders will make an undue gain when the real estate is for sale. Mirfin of Key Retirement Solutions, the share approval consultant: While we always check to see if a client can cut costs with a new insurance plan if he wants to move, we find that very few think of a remortgroup - or even know that it is possible.

Some have used the capital liberation to give grandkids an early "legacy", refurbish their homes or travel later in their lives. With the lowest interest rate, the initial indebtedness will be doubled in a ten year period if you exceed the interest rate every year. Loans that have adopted a Northern Rock or Norwich Union strategy more than a decade ago will pay 8.25 in the event of the situation.

That makes the saving potentials through rescheduling huge. Get someone on a 7. 39pc instalment at the Manchester Building Society, with a mortgage due at 75,117 which was moving at a 5 instalment. If the client had neglected to move, the blame would have risen to £218,846 over the next 15 years.

At this point the guilt has risen to 172,061 even after charges of 1,995, remortgaging to lower rates will store 46,785 pounds by 2028. Mr Mirfin warns that not every client will be able to remortgage mortgages. A number of viewers are faced with early termination fines of up to 25 pcs, which immediately increase a liability from £100,000 to £125,000 and reverse the retransfer payments.

Another special feature is that many of these prepayment penalties are only activated when interest levels on sovereign issues drop below a certain threshold. A further drawback is that indebtedness is too high in proportion to the value of the real estate. That could make it unfeasible for someone with a very old loan to move.

If your current borrower, however, is offering a better business, it should be possible to convert the mortgage to the new interest will. In 2000, he completed an equity releasing at Aviva for fear that he might need surgery on his thigh. Interest on the 36,000 he had lent was 8.25 pounds. For 13 years, the guilt has gone up to £103,000.

"It seems that banks are all too keen to lower interest when they pay us, but to let down when we pay them. "Why did the interest rate go down? However, unlike normal mortgage loans, this was not due to the reduction in the key interest rate. Here it is enough to say that interest yields are very much dependent on the predominant yields on sovereign debt, the so-called gilt.

Those considering remortrading a capital requirements directive should therefore examine this as soon as possible. Talk to an independant equity consultant because your individual situation will decide whether a debt restructuring is worth it. And Steve Lowe, from equity releasing specialists Just Retirement:

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