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Security Financing | Interactive Brokers Offering high uptime, price transparency, worldwide coverage, committed customer support, and automatic credit and loan processing capabilities, Interactive Brokers delivers the benefits you demand. The trading day is all about uptime. Not only does our high level of availibility help you find difficult to lend stocks, it also protects you from buy-ins and calls back.

There are two ways IB offers customers the ability to see the available equities for hedging in live time: Customers can even look for the real-time accessibility of short-able stocks by using our fully automated, self-service Short Stocks availability tool. You can also see a graphical representation of your day-to-day price development and intra-day as well as your share loan fee sale in the SLB Rates pane, available in the Trader Workstation mosaic workstation.

Our SLB offices are located in the United States, Europe and Asia and have devoted, professional staff to assist you with all your security finance needs, as well as equity and credit issues. There is a wide range of equity lending and lending instruments available: Quick inventory uptime - Use our fully automated self-service inventory management system to search for real-time inventory uptime.

Early Borrowing Program - Make stocks to reduce the likelihood that they will be purchased on the fulfillment date. As soon as you have registered, IB will check your fully remunerated equity portfolios for you. Your stocks can be sold at any moment and without restrictions. You' re Long 5,000 stocks of XYZ, with a $375,000.00 fair value. Subscribe to the IBtock Yield Enhancement Program and IB will lend your 5000 stocks from XYZ at 9%.

Loanable securities are all "fully paid" securities (securities that are not maintained on margin) and "excess margin" securities (securities that are maintained on margin but whose fair value does exceed 140% of your marginal balance). Under the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970, borrowed securities may not be protected. Equities are attractively traded on the exchange because other dealers want to rent and trade them, which can affect the value of the equities.

If you borrow stock, you will get the full value of all your dividend payments. IB also does not warrant that it will borrow all of the admitted equities. You will lose your right to represent these equities through a representative during a loan of your equities. Short Stock Availability Tool, part of Interactive Brokers' Stock Borrow Loan System, is a fully featured fully automated self-service tool that allows you to look for the short term stockability.

Short-term share lists are for guidance only and are liable to be changed. Display the amount available, the number of creditors and the actual approximate lending interest rates (the interest rates at which traders in the securities lending markets are willing to trade today). Find any short-capable share by icon and purse, ISIN or CUSIP number.

Load a text for mass requests to find the presence of more than one stock of abbreviated stock at a time. As soon as you have entered the pre-borrow program, you can pre-lend equities in expectation of a stock shortage via the Stock Borrow/Loan function in the TWS. Prefinancing can help prevent buy-ins by making sure that stock is available too quickly before you sell the stock out.

You do not know exactly whether stock was acquired without pre-financing until the sell-through has been completed. However, the shortlist of eligible equities is for guidance only and is liable to be changed. Availability lists for loans are for guidance only and are susceptible to changes. None of the orders for uncovered goods shall be accepted unless approved by IB.

Customers are not all entitled to take part in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. Currently customers of IB India, IB Australia and IB Japan are NOT entitled. IB LLC, IB Canada, IB Hong Kong and IB UK customers are entitled, as are Japan and India customers trading IB LLC.

There are no sell orders for less than 1 round lots (100 stocks in USA/Canada).

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