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Housing Loan, Person Loan - Real Estate Loan - Company Loan - Company Loan - Vehicle Loan Housing loan has become a very broad term associated mainly with various kinds of real estate: Owner / Owner Residential real estate purchase loans: These are granted to the debtor to purchase real estate that is being designed by the owner. Within such a loan, the bank approves the client and his respective projects either under advance payments or under Baulink or Possession Links settlement schedule or all schedules.

Normally banks pay 75 to 80 per cent of the allotment/market value of the real estate. for the lowest interest rate and your authority. Finished housing sales loans: This is the most beloved and the most frequent kind of home loan. This loan can be used to buy a new home from the builder or an old home from its former owner.

As a rule, creditors fund 75 to 85 percent of the property's fair value. Housing loans: Property sales credits are taken out for the acquisition of a property in the licensed sites where one wants to build one's home. This credit can be used for both housing and investments.

The majority of commercial real estate companies sell 60 to 70 percent of the property. Housing plot plus building loan: The Plot Plus building loan is the loan that can be used by those who want to build the home. Borrowers must make a general estimation of the costs involved in building the home and then request the loan for the same amount.

Home-Expansion Loan: Home Expansion / Expansion / Enhancement Loans are the loan that is required for the change in the present layout of the home and necessarily leads to more room such as a storey, a new room, laundry room or the fencing of a balkony....

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