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Assistance with the repairs of your house Perhaps we can help you with the repairs of your home through subsidies, loans and counseling. It is for homeowners who cannot pay back a mortgage each month but have their own capital in their possession. They must have been owning and living in the real estate for 3 years and the real estate must be over 10 years old.

Approved work is repairs necessary to ensure that the passenger can reside in a safe and proper home. She or he will also look at the issue of climate change and, if necessary, direct you to the WalesOpen New Windows Saving Trust (one of our partners) to help combat climate change caused by low fuels and cut down on consumption and CO2 emission.

Swansea Care and Reparatur Client (elderly and handicapped people) and receive a demand-tested service. CymruOpens' new website for Care and repair windows has more information. Loans can be applied for by both individual and corporate customers, giving preference to owner-occupiers over lessors and builders (and lessors willing to sell property at reasonable prices).

There is a £25,000 limit on the amount of the loans per unit and, provided there is no failure of the loans, they will be interest-free. Credits can be repaid over a term of up to ten years for owner-occupiers and five years for lessors. Even though the loans are interest-free, a one-off administrative charge of 15% of the amount of the loans is due from the applicant to meet the costs of handling the application.

These include the costs of an expert to assess your ownership to determine what work is needed, the preparation of a work plan, the calculation of the work, the commissioning of a contractors and the monitoring and paying of the work. In order to submit your application, please fill out and send back the National Housing Loan Application Forms ( PDF, 481KB)Opens a new page.

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