Home Improvement Credit

Loan for construction measures

Vigilant or sleepy, the vast majority spend most of their lives at home. Why take out a home improvement loan? Heating and energy saving tax credits are available in your French home. Tax credit" must be distinguished from "tax relief".

DIY lending

Odds are that you will be able to get much better offers than the credit agreements sometimes provided by retail outlets by getting the most out of your available budgets and purchasing the best value products. Another big benefit of our mortgages is the conditions at which we provide them.

Interest you will find on our website and in our prospectuses is the only interest we do. Contrary to some creditors, we do not provide our best interest rating for a percent of borrower and a higher interest rating for all others. In setting our interest levels, we don't have to think about giving a big cash reward to the director or financing a payment to our stockholders.

When you take out one of our home improvement debt, we faculty single lending you what you can realistically afford to repay it, and we faculty put a proportion of all commerce into your fund so that they faculty continue to grow as you merchandise your approval. We have made the application procedure for our home improvement store credits as fast and easy as possible.

As soon as you have provided us with all the necessary information, we will decide within two workingdays, and if possible the next workday.

DIY Credit cards payment options

Whether the issue is with the product or with the way the product was installed, it is still up to the retailer to sort it. Do not ask to resolve the issue yourself with the producer or company that was selling the product to your retailer. When prompted to do so, you should demand that the dealer who assembled the goods solve the inconvenience.

Speak to the craftsman about the dilemma and give him the opportunity to fix it, or complete unfinished work. This system allows you to escalate your case if it is unsolved after the dealer has been given a proper period of solving the matter with you.

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