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To provide a professional local service for high quality installations of do-it-yourself products. Home Depot of the US, the world's largest retailer of DIY products, also planned to enter the Chinese market soon. The Euro Home Improvement offers professional services for the conversion of homes in Manchester, UK.

The top 3 DIY store trend for 2017

The new year will see new tendencies, and as far as do-it-yourselfers are concerned, 2017 will see the outside of our houses at the centre and how their looks compare to those of our neighbors, families and acquaintances. Tailor-made articles, folding aluminum and compound door are on the rise, as is our desire to divide and be inspired by popular music.

Mark Farmer-Wright, Anglian Home Improvements R&D Director, explains three core themes and the sub-trends they contain that he says will affect our properties this year: Personalization is to help us in 2017 identify living culture trends," says Mark. At Anglian we make each and every single pane or every and every single entrance according to the customer's specifications, so that it is a truly unique item; but more and more we see the need for more individualisation.

ark says that this is because house owners are inspired by their personality to create a look that "complements" their own distinctive feeling of Style. In the meantime, the mixing of indoor and outdoor space has become one of the most popular trend for folding door systems. Mark says this is due to the fact that the UK is a country of home enthusiasts and passionate horticulturists.

Double folding door not only look breathtaking, they also provide the house with naturally lit areas and open the plot for ease of use. Specifically, we will see that more and more home owners will opt for folding aluminum door with narrower line of vision than PVC-U, so that even when the door is shut, the room still looks as if it has been opened to the great outdoors.

It' s now a time when we' re zooming in on our radars at a blinding speed," says Mark, "Design fashions that once took years to find their way around the globe. It has a big impact on home style and gives us immediate exposure to an emerging variety of ideas that can inspire us.

Now more than ever, we are driving trend, inspirations and top hints from our attitude and reactions to our evolving environment such as Pinterest, Instagram and sometimes Twitter. Like many of the generations of socially minded people, today's proud homeowners are becoming more and more possessed with shooting and sharing photos of their homes.

So, what's the possession of front door? It is not surprising that doorways have "a moment" because they make such a testimony to anyone who passes by, approaches or enters the house. Anglian is very much in need of our compound door products and we anticipate that compound door turnover will continue to grow this year and at some point in the not too far off future PVC-U overtakes.

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