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We at Rimrock Productions are proud to present the Home Improvement Show! Now where are the do-it-yourselfers? Figure out what went on with Brad, Randy and Mark.

It' s difficult to believe that it was 17 years ago that the DIY sector came to an end. In addition to the lead actor, who received a Golden Globe for his part in 1995, he won 12 People's Choice Awards prices - eight for Allen - and was named a nominee for Emmys.

It' s been a long while, and not unexpectedly things have changed and the children - acted by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith and Jachery Ty Bryan - have all become adults. Here is what has been happening to the guys since the show ended. Now 34, in Home Improvement, Brad was the oldest boy in Zachery's family and was a bit of a rioter throughout the race.

The triple dad of the celebrity - who also has the two-year-old Gemma Rae and Taylor Simone together with his girlfriend Taylor Simone - was last seen as an actress in the 2009 television feature Thor: Hammer of the Gods. Apropos Jonathan, also 34, the comedian impressed with his small format and short format work.

Not only did the celebrity play Randy, the midget of the show, but he also consolidated his heritage as the young Simba's vocalist in The Lion King in 1994. Jonathan appeared on stage last year with Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson as they were enjoying a mini-meeting on Last Man standing.

Taran Noah Smith, 32, was the youngster behind the part at the time - but working at such a young age has kept him from working as a professional.

The builder Mickey Jones dies at the age of 76.

Charactactor Mickey Jones passed away on Wednesday, February 7, at the tender age of 76 from "the impact of a long illness," Variety said. Known for his work in the construction market, Jones was Tim Taylor's (Tim Allen's) 1991-1999 boyfriend and Tool Time regular Pete Bilker.

In 2009 the playwright released a commemorative piece entitled "That Would Be Me", based on his keyword "Home Improvement". He was an experienced performer who performed with iconic vocalists such as Trini Lopez, Johnny Rivers and Kenny Rodgers. Dylan during the disputed electrical time of the Folksinger.

Dylan was drunk by Jones during his 1966 appearance at Manchester Free Trade Hall when Dylan was called "Judas!" by an audience member.

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