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Tips for do-it-yourself work

Gain some insights on how you can polish up your home from real estate mogul Chris Levitt. Tips for DIY and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, tips, help and advice from DIY doctors. There are 6 tips for do-it-yourselfers to increase the value of your home.

When you' ve always wanted to refurbish your home, but never felt you could warrant it, take consolation in the fact that what you do to make your home enjoyable now will almost certainly work out in the near term. The investment in twin glazed, the maximisation of your attractiveness by the installation of a striking new front doors and the opening of the room in your home will not only look and feel good, but will also increase the value of your home by a few serious pounds.

In addition, better isolation reduces power consumption, which in turn benefits the world. So whether you intend to sale or not, here are five home improvement tips that you might want to consider to adding value to your home. "Good looking window panes give you an immediate curb and make your home more attractive," says Jill McLintock, Product Marketing Manager at Everest.

"However, the look and workmanship of your spare window is very important, as it will only create added value if it matches your home and environment. "For many homeowners, energy-efficient window frames are at the top of their wish lists and in some cases can be the deciding factor in the sale of a property," says Jill.

"Provided the window is of high qualitiy and thermal efficiency, shoppers will know that their home will be hotter and their billings lower. And the replacement of old panes with dual - or triple-glazed panes not only brings long-term added value to your home, but also saves you cash in the shorter run by preventing heating and draughts.

" "An elegant front entrance makes a powerful first impact and will help put the scenery in perspective when you see someone entering your home," says Jill. "Safety is also an important issue when it comes to increasing the value of your home, as a powerful and safe front door is an important characteristic of a desired home.

In addition, the injection of a color top with plants placed and flowers in your front yard will immediately spice up your home. "So long as it's well done and fits your home, it's always a good idea to add space," says Jill. "But it is important to make sure it is made of high grade material and properly located.

Conservatories that are too warm in summers and too cool in winters are not practical, so it is best to work with a renowned firm like Everest to make sure your garden is constructed to the latest standard, with the right foundation, isolated wall and floor, the right kind of energy-efficient glazing, and so on.

All the more important when it comes to the removal of an exterior partition in order to incorporate the annex or winter garden into your home, as the new build must comply with the same construction and high insulation requirements as the remainder of your home. "If you bring additional lighting into your home through renovations or additions, an attractive and varied room will always be created, which gives your real estate a considerable added value.

Even if you don't want to resell, the construction of an annex or winter garden can create a lot of value for you and improve your home and your living area.

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