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Best 7 home improvement websites in the UK Switch on the TV at any hour of the morning and you'll probably see a show or ad related to DIY work. Around here are 7 of the best home improvement websites: Maybe you saw the Ideal Home Magazin on the shelf of your newspaper dealer. Here is their on-line offer.

Full of inspired pictures and items, no matter what room you want to stand in, Ideal Home has something for you. This is a much more convenient way to inspire your next DIY venture than most others. You will not only find many inspired inspiration but you can also use their website to find experts to do the work for you.

It may not be a big draw if you want to get your hand soiled and do the work yourself, but Houzz has thought of that too. In addition to handy help, the Houzz eShop offers an amazing selection of home style articles. This makes Houzz a one-stop source of inspirations, craftsmen and product.

Your personality is contagious, and that can only help in inspiring you to be imaginative and give your home a new look. You will find all kinds of inspiring designs here. Whilst focusing strongly on live-hacks and technology-based advice, they also have a number of useful video and DIY related items.

She has won prizes for her writings, and her own home has even been presented in The Living etc and The Wall Street Journal. There is a strong emphasis on pictures, as any good indoor architecture blogs should be, but the typing that goes with them attracts you and gives you a reward for the amount of your precious hours spent browsing the many posts.

Thus rounding off some of the best home improvement websites in the UK. But remember, we have a number of do-it-yourself items here at Property Road as well.

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