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Important Information We are not bound to a single creditor as a brokers, we work with multiple lenders and will always endeavour to obtain the best credit for our clients. It is always up to the client to make the ultimate selection of the finance products; we don't force you to choose a particular creditor, the ultimate decisions are always up to you.

For information on delayed payment, see the "Default Interest Policy" of the creditor where your credit is located. Make sure you are always familiar with the "General Conditions " of your credit contract. Once you have the feeling that you will be struggling to fulfill the conditions for repaying your mortgage, you need to turn to your creditor immediately.

Failure to turn to your creditor for information regarding delayed payments may be construed by the creditor as a delay in repaying your credit. Other costs can be avoided by talking to your creditor and agreeing a new payments schedule. The cost of delayed reimbursement varies from creditor to creditor.

When you miss your payback date or do not pay back the entire amount of the credit, you may find that you have to pay additional dues and fines. Every fee or penalty or always at the option of the creditor and will differ from creditor to creditor; you must review the conditions of your lending contract for the exact detail of any additional fee.

Delayed refunds or non-repayments may also adversely affect your credit value; this may affect your capacity to obtain credit in the event of a delay. Once you have the feeling that you will make an effort to fulfill your payment commitments to your creditor, you should get in touch with him as soon as possible.

Should you have any problems with making refunds on your loans, you must get in touch with your creditor as soon as possible. Talking to the creditor may enable you to agree a new and more accessible redemption schedule. When you do not turn to the creditor and try to find a way, the credit will not be paid back.

Lenders can transfer the credit to a third debt collecting agency. Review the details of your mortgage to see what procedure the creditor will take as a consequence of an outstanding mortgage. Uncovered credits are available up to a limit of £25,000. Up to £100,000 mortgages can be provided by lenders provided they are affordable and secure against your possession.

For illustrative purpose only, example: £25,000 over 10 years with 7.8% annual interest, sum of amounts to be repaid: £35,664, monthly redemption: £297.20. Aggregate settlement costs for uncollateralised borrowings are 22. Uncovered loan Example for illustrative use only: £4,500 borrowed over 36 month. CONSIDER YOU THINK BEFORE YOU HEDGE OTHER PEOPLE' DEBT AGAINST YOUR HOUSE.

YOU CAN REPOSSESS YOUR HOME IF YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN YOUR REPAYMENT OF A LOAN OR OTHER GUARANTEED INDEBTEDNESS. CAUTION - DELAYED REPAYMENT CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS MONEY PROBLEMS. Uncovered loan for you Ltd. are a licensed credit intermediary, not a creditor. Information you supply is forwarded to our confidential lenders committee, where all requests are evaluated and approved.

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