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It is less likely that lenders will offer you a cash loan if you cannot provide proof of income. I' m over 65 and I need a loan. Safeguarding a mortgaged property after pensionable life is not an an easy task - but it is not an impossibility. Sometimes in the 1940s individuals were rejected on the ground that their mortgages would bring them back over 65 years. However, in reality, bank ers and bausparkassen have different guidelines as to who they are willing to grant loans to.

You need to know the banking and home savings institutions where you have a better opportunity to get a credit. First go to the banking sector, said Shaun Church Home Equity Agent, for while many are less prone to be lenders for older borrower, their prices currently incorporate some of the best available.

"When you can keep the loans straight, it's always better to do that. The Metro Bank has no upper ages but says that it checks debtors "case by case". Santander will grant a credit up to the 75 years old as long as there is no interest-free component to the credit and the planned pensionable life of the debtor does not precede it.

Only for interest they will not loan beyond 65 years. Borrows up to 70 years or the chosen pension ages, whichever comes first; and up to pension ages only for pure interest rate mortgage loans. The HSBC will usually borrow up to a ceiling of 75 years of age, or the anticipated pensionable ages, whichever comes first. Default max life is 75 years.

It is awarded to those who have already reached the retirement age of 85, as well as other local savings and loan associations such as Kent Reliance and Mansfield. The Harpenden Banking Society has a lifelong 4. 19pc mortgages available only to clients over 65 years of age. 4. 19pc mortgages available only to clients over 65 years of age. This is different from the capital charge because it can be used to buy real estate and interest is paid back instead of rolling up.

Family Building Society has no legal retirement limits. The Dudley Building Society and the Cambridge Building Society do not have a legal retirement date either. Banks would draw up an investor incentive scheme for the individuals, which would include a mortgages, often without a fixed retirement covenant. "Pretty often they shrink, release some cash, and they want to keep a little leverage on the new, smaller ownership because of estate duty planning," he said.

In the case of a lifelong hypothec, the duration of the credit is the residual duration of the debtor or until he enters into long-term nursing treatment. There should be no downside capital protection, i.e. the borrowers should not loose their homes. In addition to an equity-to-asset hypothec, it provides a pure interest rate hypothec for over 55s that can last until the youngest borrowers are 85 years old and can be used to purchase or re-mortgage loans.

There is also a "hybrid" hypothec which can either be paid back or roll up. Borrowers' homes can only be reoccupied if they are 80 years old, or in the first five years of the credit if it ends after the 80s.

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