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Find out more about the benefits of pre-approval for a home loan and how it can speed up your purchasing process. At Total Home Loans we would like to thank you for your feedback, Daniel. Assistance if you are unable to repay your mortgage: What is available?

I' m concerned that I will be late - is it really a good idea to take out one? When you are concerned about loosing your jobs, or want to safeguard your payouts if you have been in an accident or have been ill, there are several different types of insurances that you can get to help safeguard your home loan. However, if you already know that your work is in danger or you are already ill, you cannot take out health cover.

The type of policies you choose will depend on the risk in your lifetime. MPPI is the easiest way to do this. It is an annuity contract that guarantees to make the repayment of the mortgages for you if you are unable to work due to accidents, illness and sometimes - but not always - joblessness (unemployment is dismissal, it will not be paid if you get up and quit).

If you are already fighting or in default with your payment, however, you may not be able to receive MPPI. Although this is possible, it only really works if you are not able to work due to accidents or sickness or if you are dismissed. There is no statutory obligation to cover your payment, but mortgages often use the tough sale - throw "Peace of Mind" and "lose your home" in the same phrase, ensuring a great selling conversation.

Alternative options are casualty, health and jobless insurances, which will provide you with a prearranged amount of money depending on your personal level of incomes rather than your mortgages and valid for up to two years. Another is the more extensive personal injury cover, which covers accidents or illness and covers an amount paid out in advance on the basis of your salary until you either go back to work or retire.

If there' s government help, do I really need to get paid for it? When you can buy an adequate directive, it will almost certainly offer more than any other pension institution. They will at most be paying the interest on your mortgage in arrears or delayed repayment; they do not really mean that it will be paid back as usual while MPPI is doing it.

However, if you are considering an MPPI insurance plan, it is a good idea to first check exactly what you are eligible for and adjust the coverage accordingly.

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