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The interest rate of the loan may be changed from period to period at the Bank's sole option. The interest rate of the loan may be changed from period to period at the Bank's sole option. Above mentioned savings and loan savings tariffs apply to employees and self-employed with a bonus of 0.10% p.a.

Smart Home with a bonus of 0.50% p.a. for employees and self-employed.

MCLR for 3 consecutive banks is released by the banks at the beginning of each monthly period, which is the reference rate for credits paid out in that period. Variable interest on all credits paid out by the EBRD is deferred every 3 moths from the date of payment.

Its value is set back from the 3-month CLR issued by the Bank in the redemption period. Resetting is carried out by the seventh working week of the current year. A change in the rate of interest payable will, at the Bank's option, result in a change in the Equated Monthly Rate (EMI) or the repayment term.

You will be informed of the changed loan interest rate by text message, e-mail or post in accordance with the Bank's guidelines in force; however, text message is the preferable method. Although the reference rate for your loan is the latest 3-month CLR, the Company retains the right to modify the reference rate to another term CLR, with timely notification to you.

Your interest rate on your loan is the 3-month CLR plus your spreads. Your billed profit will not be raised throughout the life of the loan, except due to a worsening of the borrower's exposure portfolio. Interest in the fourth quarter on all advances paid in the first quarter will be deferred from the 3-month MLCR announced at the beginning of the fourth quarter (to the seventh business day of the fourth quarter).

Interest rate will still be fixed every 3 month, i.e. in month 7, 10 of the year and so on. Similarly, all loan payments made in month 2 will be rolled back from the 3-month MCLR released at the beginning of month 5 (up to the seventh working week of month 5).

It will be further set back every 3 moths, i.e. in 8 and 11 of the year.

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