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Real estate agent wants me to use his mortgage broker, that's what. Independent? They can get a home loan. Employee borrowings increased by only 6 %. A group of specialised lenders is also available, most recently including Secure Trust.

Michelle Stevens, head maker of mortgages at the Ipswich Building Society, one of the lenders with a series of loan for the self-employed, said: Two years of fixing starts at 1.9.

The two-year span begins at about 2 pieces. As the Building Societies Association said, its members are well conscious that the type of jobs have shifted "massively".

There are 15 ways to make yourself popular with a mortgagor.

Everyone who has requested a home loan in the last 18 month will know that hard new affordable pricing has made it more challenging to get a loan. The majority of potential borrower know the fundamentals - increase your creditworthiness by signing up for the voter list, checking for any errors in the loan record, and avoiding excess expenditure prior to applying.

Ensure that all your credentials are collected by acceptance giro to prevent the risks of missed payments. Reducing any other borrowings (except zero point charge transfers ) by as much as possible before you apply for a home loan. Thus someone who took out a 10,000 pound auto loan a year before filing a mortgage application and elected a five year payback period would be able to get a bigger loan than someone who borrower the same amount over two years and therefore had been paying about half off it.

Wherever a parent or grandparent helps with the bail, it must be a present and not a loan so as not to influence the evaluation of affordable prices. A parent must submit a written declaration stating that it is a present and proof of the source of the money, such as account statement showing the money credit.

Eliminate overspending, reduce needless subscription and membership fees, and don't bet cash - lenders don't look good. A few borrower do not know how much red tape is associated with a deal and that lenders can ask for more information. Ensure that you have a good real property salesman, a good mortgages salesman and a good lawyer.

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