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The M& S Bank is here to help you with a handy set of mortgage calculators and tools. It should allow you to assess the size of the home loan you can take out.

Mortgage calculator online & instructions

Determine how much your mortgage payments could be each month. Does your mortgage expire or change? Compute possible IRCs. Explore how the value of your home could have evolved by using our calculator on the basis of the Nationwide House Price Index. Consider your options before hedging other debt against your home. Mortgage loans are subjected to our rules of trustee conduct and our own criteria.

Mortgage calculator France | Mortgage calculator France

You can find more information on how to use this calculator on our help page for the mortgage calculator. You know that mortgage lenders in France are lending on a slightly different footing than those in the UK. While you can take full benefit of low interest rate levels in Europe, you must also comply with France's consumers legislation to make sure you can pay back and keep a good quality of life.

In order to make sure that you can pay back the mortgage, your overall expenditure (debt ratio) must not be higher than 33% of your income*. For an approximate indication of how much you can lend, please use the mortgage calculator below. It should allow you to judge the amount of home loan you can take out.

There is some degree of inflexibility in this system and the leverage level can be increased up to 40% depending on your income and your situation. Mortgage Calculator allows you to calculate your mortgage refunds in France on a daily basis. The interest rates, the amount needed, and the duration of the loan can be changed.

Then you will receive a break-down of your account balances, your quarterly payment and the interest over the period you specify (maximum 25 years). Once you have computed your total amount of money to be repaid each month, you can use our Accessibility Calculator to make sure that your expenses do not go beyond 33% of your total GNI.

Fill in your total salary, all your rent (if you want to rent the property) and your expenses, together with the suggested Mortgage. The calculator will then show your debit balance and the amount you can pay back each and every months. When your mortgage rate exceeds 33%, you can modify some features of the redemption calculator, borrow less or extend the life of your mortgage to a total of 25 years.

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