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Mortgage insurance for home loans

Whilst most lenders offer home contents insurance, borrowers are not required to buy it for them. The PREMIUMS have gone mad for the supposed "insurance" that a quarter of all home buyers have to pay when taking out a loan. Millions of home owners could fall into the mortgage insurance pitfall.

Recent poll of home-owners who have purchased their mortgage lender's home insurance shows that the mortgage market is still not paying off: 30 percent (466,200 households) believe that their home must be covered by their mortgage provider as a requirement for the loan; 6 percent have been informed by their mortgage provider that it is a compulsory sale; nearly a fourth (24 percent) think that a bill of exchange from their mortgage provider's insurance invalidates their mortgage.

Thirty percent of these individuals - nearly half a million home-owners - thought they needed to secure their household insurance through their mortgage lenders as a prerequisite for their mortgage business. 24% of those who have taken out insurance with their lenders think that changing their insurance to another company will void their mortgage.

Alarmingly, 12% say they felt under duress to buy their lender's home insurance, while 6% said they were informed by their mortgage company that they had to. The protection of a plot of land by means of appropriate building insurance - typical of fire, flood, settlement and windstorm damages - is a demand of all mortgage banks.

Building insurance offers the debtor (and eventually the lender) monetary cover against damages to the building's primary structures. Whilst most homeowner creditors provide household insurance, loaners are not required to buy it for them. Despite the commitments made at the end of the 90s, the mandatory household insurance policy for mortgage transactions was never officially prohibited.

Asked why they chose to buy their lender's household insurance, the poll showed a mix of misunderstandings, false confidence in the creditor and consumers' apathy: Fourteen percent thought that purchasing their lender's home insurance could help them apply for their mortgage; nearly one in ten (9%) said they did not know they could buy the policy elsewhere; 22 percent said their creditor gave assurances that the item was cheap; half thought their creditor provided the best value for their home insurance; 49 percent had chosen to do so for comfort; most (72 percent) had not likened items and rates provided by other suppliers.

They also found that just over a third (34%) of home owners who arrange coverage from their lenders did not review coverage ratios and excessive processes to ensure they bought the right policies. A statistic released by the Association of British Insurers at the beginning of the year showed that the primary grounds for rejecting domestic insurance were the lower value of the loss and the under-coverage event.

a com homeowner said: "Unsurprisingly, we found that so many still think that their mortgage supply depends on the purchase of their lender's home contents insurance and that a significant majority are basically in a mortgage-linked insurance case - thinking that the change from their lender's insurance invalidates their mortgage.

"And we feared that a few creditors could take advantage of their relationships with their clients by urging them to buy their insurance coverage. "When you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage provider will ask you to provide building insurance to secure your possession. It'?s up to you where you buy the guard.

Whilst the purchase of coverage provided by your mortgage provider in addition to your mortgage may seem a simple options, you may find that you are well above the chances of pay. £1,000s in stranded deposits could result over the life of a mortgage not to buy around periodically for a good deal on home insurance. 1 million mortgage loans in the UK, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Feb 2016.

30 percent of these homes believe that their home must be covered by their mortgage provider as a prerequisite for the loan - 30 percent of 1.6 million are 466,200 homes potentially trapped in a mortgage insurance pan. Among those questioned, 14% (276 persons) had taken out household insurance through their bank/building and loan association or other mortgage banks.

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