Home Loan Percentage

Percentage of home ownership

I' m pressing the switch: Nearly half the homeowners have switched to another mortgages company. Surveys of more than 10,000 individuals in 10 different nations show that almost half (44%) of homeowners with a mortgag have ever changed providers, while 61% have looked at how changing their mortgages gives them a better offer. United Kingdom is the leader in arranging mortgages (53%), while Mexico is the least developed (25%).

Wealthy homeowners in particular (55%) have probably changed mortgages. A change of supplier is primarily motivated by a wish for a better offer or an increase in interest rates, with 55% of mortgages claiming that this is the main cause. The twenty-four per cent changed because their current mortgages had run out, and 22 per cent changed because they were moving or buying a new one.

Most homeowners are well aware of the basics of their mortgages. 80 per cent know how much interest they owe on their mortgages and 87 per cent know how many years they have remaining to repay their mortgages. In Taiwan, mortgages are the most experienced (93%) in terms of interest paid, up from 65% in France.

Of homeowners with a home loan, three-quarters (75%) have never seen interest rates go up during the life of their home loan, and 22% say that increasing their mortgage/housing loan interest rates by 2 percentage points would make it hard or even impossible to pay back theirs. The book provides insight into people's attitude and behavior towards home purchase, rental and financing around the globe.

Value of the house interview shows the opinions of 10,005 persons in 10 countries: Results are derived from a poll of present and future homeowners 21 years and older from a domestically represented on-line random sampling in each state. Headquartered in London, the Group services clients from around 3,900 global locations in 67 European and Asian markets, North and Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

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