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Home Loans Foundation Buy To Let Product Guide. Homeloans Magellan - Intermediaries Designed on the basis of the concept of borrower comprehension, Magellan Homeloans is able to offer a suitable mortgaging solution to those who need a flexibility and personality based solution and who do not always fulfil the High Street lenders' requirements. We at Magellan know one thing, one height doesn't always make sense. Looking at it from a much more comprehensive perspective, we know what's behind the numbers and draw each of our loans by hand.

As professionals in our selected market places, we strive to offer our clients a range of cutting-edge products and options, whether they want to help the borrowers find financing for their home (housing) or asset (buy to let).

County Council South Somerset - Home loan

Up to £15,000 of loan products will be provided to finance repairs and improvements to bringing homes to an acceptable level. Under certain circumstances, the owners have access to a loan for the following purposes: 1. Encourage (or work towards) the standards of decent housing for private property to ensure that all Category 1 threats are addressed.

Bringing houses bought by first-time purchasers up to or working towards the standards of decent housing. Improving and supporting improvements in improving overall levels of energetic performance in household CO2 abatement policies, as well as implementing energetic performance improvement policies and products from renewables. Improving the health and energetic performance of motorhomes on permanently licenced pitches.

Support in the acquisition of mobil home for neighbours on permanently licenced trailer parks. Under certain circumstances, landlords can obtain a loan for the following purposes: In order to upgrade the rental accomodation to Decent Home standards. Enlargement of an overfilled real estate by creation of additional dwelling area. Improvement of multi-family house environment (HMOs) to comply with legal equipment standards, emergency exits in case of fire and decay.

4. to increase the energetic performance of a real estate and to fulfil the Green Deal requirements. Re-commission empty properties or transform unused properties into rental apartments. We have 6 kinds of loans available. The Wessex Resolutions offers good financing and will only authorize a loan if they are sure that the loan is available to you.

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